The spinning fly

OK, so I’m sitting here trying to get my onlife life in order, so that I can then go upstairs and start packing, all while trying not to get distracted by Twitter.  And I want to get enough sleep so that I don’t drive off of the highway tomorrow on my way to North Carlina for the Type A Mom Conference in Asheville.  Especially since I’ll have the kids with me.  Although, Fiona keeps saying that we’re going to a carousel.  And then Jake gets this really frustrated look on his face, like “My sister is a stupid five-year-old.”  And then he yells “We’re going to North CA-RO-LI-NA! Not CAROUSEL!”  And then she laughs.  She’s clearly doing it on purpose at this point to bother him.

But I digress.  So I’m sitting here at the dining room table and I hear a really loud buzzing sound, and at first I thought it was coming from my computer, like a drive spinning really fast.  Then I look over to where the sound is actually coming from, and I see what looks like a fly doing that thing that one of the Three Stooges used to do, where he would spin around the floor on his arm.  So of course I grabbed my camera, which was right next to me.

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First of all, bonus to anyone who can name which “Friends” episode is playing in the background (Toni, I think you should voluntarily take yourself out of this one, because that’s just not a fair fight – you know every episode backwards and forwards).  Second, what else has crawled into that crack to die?  Third, did it die?  That did not look like something a fly would do for fun – it had to be injured.  I’m pretty sure it was limping as it walked away, muttering something about Keyser Soze.  And while I have no problem killing flies, I was the only one down here and I didn’t know it was here until it did that.


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    ::grumble:: Okay, but you know it’s killing me. Especially since I figured it out after the first “Good morning” and then Rachel’s groan afterward.

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    @Toni – I knew it would. :-) How ’bout if nobody answers by noon you can name it? Nobody else probably finds the “Name This Episode” game as amusing as we do anyway!

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    I gave people the whole DAY and no one got it. :) It’s from “The One That Could Have Been”, Part 2, specifically, when they imagine how things would have been different if Rachel had married Barry, Monica was still fat, Ross didn’t know Carol was a lesbian, etc. Love it.
    (What’s not fun about it?!)

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