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Selfish MomSo I’m sitting here in the audience at a taping of The Martha Stewart Show.  This is my second time here – last time was a show about blogging.  I’ve been to dozens of show tapings over the years, including The Daily Show (when I got him to get Stephen Colbert’s autograph for me), The Colbert Report, The View, Live with Regis and Kelly, and a bunch more.    They all have some things in common.  You have to wait in a lot of lines before you get to your seat, and then finally you get to sit and you’re not allowed to get up, not even to use the bathroom.  You don’t have a very good view because there are a bunch of cameras in front of you.  Or the action is really far away.  Or the person next to you smells (not this show, the person next to me is perfectly pleasant!).  And the studio is always freezing.

And I have a confession to make: I’m usually bored during most of them. It’s just not a great way to actually watch the show, but I like seeing behind-the-scenes stuff – the stuff going on when the cameras are off – so I keep going to tapings.  Plus there’s always the possibility that someone will give me a car.  The most I’ve ever gotten was a printer (that was the last time I was at Martha’s show). Today is different, because I was asked to bring my laptop and I’m writing this post during the taping.  Sweet.

So, the entire show today is about social media – Twitter, Facebook, etc.  I’m a big Twitter user. I’ve been tweeting during the show, with the hashtag #TheTechShow.  I also use a lot – in fact I started a whrrl story about the show as soon as I stepped off of the subway.  I’ll post it at the bottom of this post.  Facebook?  Meh.  I use it occasionally to update what I’m doing if I happen to think about it, because most of the people in my neighborhood and in my family just aren’t on Twitter.  But mostly Facebook annoys me.  Too much crap.  I don’t want a drink.  I don’t want to play a game and collect things.  Facebook is difficult to navigate – I like arranging things exactly the way I want them and Facebook is not very user friendly, in my opinion. But what do I know? I’m old.

But back to the show.  When you go in you get directed to a seat.  You might be the first one in line, and get the worst seat in the house.  They seem to be putting the people with the brightest colors on in the middle (lots of grays and whites in the side sections).  They send a stand-up guy out to warm the audience up before the taping starts, and usually he gets to do a bunch of material and pass out stuff from the show, but everybody was ready to go a little early today, so that part was cut short.  He led us through a few practice rounds of clapping and oohing and ahhhing and then we were ready to go.

Martha looks lovely.  And she’s funny!  I’m always surprised at how funny she is whenever I hear her speak.  Her tone says “stick up my butt” but her words say “People, I’m funny.  I’m just not foolish.”  So, between all of the tweeting and email checking I’ve been doing, the taping is actually almost done.  It was interesting to see the show taped.  The co-creator of Twitter, Biz Stone (if that is his real name!) looks really young.  The creator of Facebook is practically a fetus – I think I’ve seen him playing soccer with my son.  There was other stuff too, but you can watch it on the show.  It airs on October 2nd, I think.

Here are some pictures from the taping (the man with Martha is David Pogue, NY Times Technology Editor).

The Martha Stewart Show 1

The Martha Stewart Show 2

The Martha Stewart Show 3

The Martha Stewart Show 4

The Martha Stewart Show 5

The Martha Stewart Show 6

The Martha Stewart Show 7

The Martha Stewart Show 8

Here’s my Twitter stream from the show (it goes from most recent tweet down to oldest), and my whrrl story below that.  If you ever get a chance to go to a taping of a show, I recommend it.  It’s always interesting to see how things get done. You can get tickets to a taping of the Martha Stewart show here.

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FireShot capture #137 - 'SelfishMom (SelfishMom) on Twitter' - twitter_com_SelfishMom

FireShot capture #138 - 'SelfishMom (SelfishMom) on Twitter' - twitter_com_SelfishMom

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    I can definitely see why Twitter is more useful than Facebook for the kind of thing you’re doing, with your blog, etc. For me, Twitter is just a PITA; Facebook’s where I can keep up with my friends, which is all I’m interested in doing.

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