I. Don’t. Bluff.

paper airplanes

Have you ever had an evening go from blissfully pleasant to shitty in the space of about 90 seconds? We were having a fantastic day.  Jake doesn’t have Tae Kwon Do on Mondays so there’s no running around, no rushing.  We always have time on Mondays for a slow dinner, a board game, whatever.  Tonight…

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These boobs were made for talkin’

Have you seen this commercial for Reebok Women’s EasyTone Shoes?  I have no problem with the concept of the shoes.  I just think the commercial is really dumb.  Because it’s not bad enough that I already compare my body to other bodies (yeah, I do, all the time.  If I know you then I’ve sized…

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Very cool t-shirt giveaway from Estilo LAB

Estilo LAB giveaway

My newest advertiser, Estilo LAB, is a boys’ t-shirt company with hip, unusual designs (sometimes even featuring drawings from the owner’s nine-year-old son Jalen, whose art is quite impressive).  The owner, Lisa, has offered up a great prize for one lucky reader: a shirt from the current line (either the ABC Tree shirt in sizes…

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My shameful long-weekend confession

[kaltura-widget wid=”zojlulzjdc” width=”400″ height=”290″ addpermission=”” editpermission=”” /] Originally posted on Selfish Mom. All opinions expressed on this website come straight from Amy unless otherwise noted. This post has a Compensation Level of 1. Please visit Amy’s Full Disclosure page for more information. Shop Amazon Rock Band 2 for XBox 360 and Play Station 3, on…

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Privacy in crises

I was on my way to bed, about to turn off the computer.  But I decided to check CNN.com, always a big mistake – I need to learn to just turn off the computer without “checking” a bunch of sites.  And this article was at the top, about half-a-million text messages from September 11th that…

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