These boobs were made for talkin’

Have you seen this commercial for Reebok Women’s EasyTone Shoes?  I have no problem with the concept of the shoes.  I just think the commercial is really dumb.  Because it’s not bad enough that I already compare my body to other bodies (yeah, I do, all the time.  If I know you then I’ve sized you up and compared, just deal with it), but now Reebok wants my body parts to compete with each other?  With a commercial filled with close-ups of boobs and and a butt?  A butt bending over, no less?  Who’s the audience for this commercial?  Because it seems to be men.  But I think most men would be worried about a smack on the head if they gave a woman shoes and said “Hey, babe, your butt could be tighter.  Wear these.”

For the record, while I don’t think the second commercial is great, I think it targets its audience a little better: women who wish people were staring at their butts instead of listening to what they’re saying.

Ugh.  Or maybe I’m just pissed at both commercials since my boobs and butt will never look like those!

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  1. Cara says

    Ok I got rid of cable a long time ago but please re-assure me that commercials have not gotten this stupid. Pardon the politically incorrect language but the first one may be the most retarded thing I’ve ever seen. I feel bad for girls growing up in these days….if they watch tv they must think that being “hot” is the most important thing for a woman….so sad.

  2. says

    @Cara – Yeah, a lot of them have gotten pretty bad. But this one just stuck out to me because I couldn’t figure out who the hell they made it for! Definitely not the people they wanted to buy the shoes.

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