Review: Temple Touch Thermometer

Digital Temple ThermometerI was sent a Walgreens Digital Temple Thermometer to review recently, and as luck would have it I felt like complete crap today and got to test it out on myself.  Besides taking temperatures it also has a handy timer, for keeping track of when you need to take (or give) medicine next.  It comes with batteries, which is always nice.

The package was rather hard to get open and I had to cut it with scissors.  Since I expect the manuals for these types of products to be tiny folded up things, I inadvertently cut the manual in half, which was kind of a bummer, so make sure to cut around the edges of the package only.  And let this be my plea to companies everywhere for easier to open packaging.  You can still encase the product in plastic, just add a tab and some perforation.

But the packaging is my only complaint, and it’s a small one.  Once I freed the thermometer it was very easy to use.  You press the “power” button and wait for two beeps.  Pressing the “set” button switches between temple and underarm modes (I think we’ll stick with temple).  You put it on your temple, halfway between the end of your eyebrow and your hairline, and about six seconds later it beeps to let you know it’s done, and that’s it!  No holding something under the tongue of a squirming toddler.  You could take a kid’s temperature while he was sleeping.

I took my own temperature using my old digital under-the-tongue thermometer a few times, and then a few times with the new Walgreens one.  The tongue thermometer consistently read about a degree cooler than the temple one.  The directions say that it’s a good idea to take your (or your child’s) temperature when you’re not sick in order to know your typical temple temperature for comparison.

The tongue thermometer took, on average, 90 seconds to register my temperature, and the temple thermometer took an average of seven seconds.  That’s a huge difference.

You can read more about Temple Touch Thermometers here, including how to use them.  I think this is a fantastic product.  Under the tongue takes too long, and my experiences over the years with three or four different ear thermometers showed that if you didn’t have them aimed just right, you could get a reading that was off by several degrees.  This temple thermometer is quick, accurate, simple, and can be used on a sleeping child.  I’m very happy to have this, and highly recommend it.

The Walgreens Digital Temple Thermometer usually retails for $29.99, but as of this writing has it on sale for $19.99.  It’s out of stock online but you can actually check on their site to see if it’s in stock at your local stores.  Very handy feature I didn’t realize existed until just now.

See the thermometer in action here:

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