This week’s time sucker: the best of Wikipedia

If you run into me and I start babbling about random fascinating facts and weird stories, you can blame these lists.  The first is on wikisbest, where users can contribute and vote on wiki articles.  Ever seen a dymaxion map of earth?  Or heard of the Boston Molassas DisasterThe Museum of Bad Art is a fantastic concept and the only museum I could possibly aspire to be shown in (although, weirdly, I don’t think I have enough of a lack of talent to get in – you can’t just be bad, you have to be spectacularly, creatively bad, with conviction).  The article about raining animals will stay with me for a while.

Someone named Ray Cadaster put together a list of the 50 most interesting articles on Wikipedia, and then he followed it up with 50 more of Wikipedia’s most interesting articles.  The lists are totally subjective, and part of the fun is in seeing if you agree with the choices.  Actually, the very existence of someone named “Ray Cadaster” seems to be a mystery, with his Wikipedia page having been removed.


Ever wonder why U.S. highways have the numbers that they do?  Or where Bart Simpson got the idea to prank Moe by making him call out fake names in his bar?  Or why South Koreans think that electric fans can kill you?  I think my favorite is the John Cage piece “As Slow As Possible,” which is eight years into a 639 year performance.

Just beware: if you’re like me, you can’t just read a few entries on a list, you have to read the whole list.  In one sitting, if possible.

And as an extra time-sucking bonus, I leave you with this, from wikisbest: “Be Somebody…or Be Somebody’s Fool,” a motivational video for kids hosted by Mr. T. It is full of 80s awesomeness that shouldn’t be missed.  You can watch the entire 50 minute video here.  Personally I think it should be required watching for every elementary school child in America, with a warning that if they don’t behave they’ll have to watch it again.

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