Giveaway: XBox 360 Elite Holiday Bundle

I bought my husband an Xbox 360 three years ago for Christmas (because I’m awesome), and he absolutely loved it, but for the most part I ignored it.  I thought it was just like any other video game console.  Then we got Rock Band two years ago for Christmas, and I was immediately hooked.  Once I started using the XBox 360 for that, I started exploring other parts of it, and was really surprised to find out that it was about so much more than video games.

Access your computer’s media

We have a bunch of computers, all with Windows Media Center.  WMC was another thing that I had been ignoring.  Then I found out that since all of our computers were on our home Wi-Fi network, and the XBox was also on the network (for XBox Live), they could talk to each other and suddenly our TV was able to access all of the songs, movies, TV shows, and pictures stored on all of our computers.  I was so pissed with myself for not bothering to figure this out sooner.  It was incredibly easy to set up, and I use the XBox this way all the time, listening to music on my TV’s fantastic speakers instead of the computer’s small ones.

Stream from Netflix

We don’t have Netflix.  We had it when it first came out, but I can’t even be bothered to go to a mailbox anymore – I never mail letters!  So, a video from Netflix would come, we would watch it, and then it would sit there for months.  Yes, I’m that lazy.

Enter the XBox 360.  I’m seriously considering getting a Netflix subscription again now that I know I can download the videos through the XBox!

I wonder how many people bought a Roku not knowing they could use their XBox 360 to do the same thing?

Family Time

Blame the economy: people are staying home more and looking for economical ways to have fun.  Microsoft sent us a new Xbox 360 Elite Holiday Bundle, and while my husband spends plenty of time living up to the XBox stereotype (guy playing shooting games), we get a lot of mileage out of it as a family.  Whether I stream music from my computer (two floors away) so that the kids can dance wildly in the living room, or we each grab an instrument and rock out with Rock Band or Lego Rock Band, we love using our XBox for music.  Microsoft sent us the singing game Lips and my daughter was hooked from the start.

With winter finally settling in, we’ll be using it even more.  Dance Dance Revolution gets us off the couch, and the kids take turns hopping on the skateboard for Tony Hawk: Ride (which we actually got to play with Tony Hawk!).  For adults, Scene It is my new favorite game, with each player getting to buzz in on his own controller and answer movie questions.  The Beatles: Rock Band has also been a huge hit with adults who never ever thought they’d be picking up video game instruments.

Win an XBox 360 Elite Holiday Bundle

Xbox BundleMicrosoft is giving one of my lucky readers a really great gift: an Xbox 360 Elite Holiday Bundle!

  • Black Xbox 360 Elite with a huge 120 gig hard drive
  • Wireless black Xbox controller
  • XBox live headset
  • LEGO Batman game (my son’s favorite!)
  • Pure game

To enter to win, all you have to do is leave a comment stating how you would use your XBox 360 Elite.  Would you play games with your kids?  Download movies?  Access the pictures from your computer to show grandma a slideshow?  Turn your TV into a giant mp3 player?

For a second entry, you can tweet about this giveaway (don’t forget to leave a separate comment linking to your tweet or it won’t count!). Just make sure to mention what the prize is and link back to this post, or you can just copy and tweet this:

Enter to win an XBox 360 Elite from @SelfishMom!

[Update: Instructions on how to link to your tweet can be found here.]

So, that’s a maximum of two entries per household, please. The comments will close at noon-ish on Tuesday, December 15th and will draw the winner. Shipping available in the continental U.S. only.  For complete rules, please see my Giveaway Rules page. Good luck!

Thanks so much to Microsoft for providing this great prize, and for all of the fun we’ve had with our Xbox.

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  1. says

    i would LOVEto use th exbox 360! but i think it would be used 99% of the time by my gamer husband. he has a PS3, but id bet he’d love to be able to play Halo!!

  2. says

    Amy, what an awesome giveaway. I have to admit, we want one to play Rock Band or GH because we’d played them as a family before and had family time everyone loved. Thanks again

  3. says

    OMG!!! I wanna win!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I wanted to buy my boys one for christmas, but money it tight. I think we would mostly use it for games. My husband loves to play the war games on his PS2 and i love the car/racing games. My little ones just like to watch! They giggle and it is the cutest thing!

  4. ashley wood says

    I would use this to play with my son. It would be fun for the both of us. God knows I don’t fit on his fisher price toys. Good luck everyone!

  5. Sherri Smith says

    My husband is a BIG xbox man! His died a couple years ago due to the Red Rings Of Death, and we couldn’t afford one since then so I would definitely surprise him with this if I won :)

    Thanks for the contest!

  6. Calvarygirl says

    This would be a HUGE blessing for my family. My son has wanted one for a long time. I’d try to figure out how to use it best for our family. The Wii has been a nice family night option for us. I feel very technologically illiterate when it comes to gaming systems though ;) it will be a challenge.

  7. says

    I would love to win one of these babies! If I won I would definitely use it to play games with the kids — but I would also practice at night when they’re sleeping so I can finally beat them. I suck at video game playing and I need to redeem my reputation.

  8. Jen says

    I would love this! I would definitely play this! It would be so much fun. I have wanted one of these for SOOOOOOO long. I would also have to get rock band for it!

  9. Jessica L. says

    I don’t know if my family would really use this (my children are very small) so I think I would give it to a needy family if I won.

  10. Florencia says

    This is amazing! We don’t have extra $, savings or credit cards so this would be an incredible gift for all 3 of us (me, the huz, the 3 y.o.) We have Netflix and watch movies on the laptop which means I can’t use it for other things so definitely we’d start using the XBox for that if we won. We are big video games enthusiasts but don’t have a game console, this would be great for those days you just want to stay in and have watched every DVD you own and read every book but the 3 y.o. is STILL bored. The huz works nights so he would get some sexy alone time with the XBox during the day too :)

  11. says

    I was on vaguely aware of the multi-functionality of XBox, so movies? Bring ’em on!

    We were at an XBOX rock band event recently and since then it’s been nonstop talk about XBOX. It’s more family friendly than I gave it credit for. Movies and little Rock Band for mom, games, games, games for my boys.

  12. says

    Ok, so this is soooooo cool!! Definitely would come in handy as a distraction for me so I won’t kill my son!! We could play together and he won’t make me feel inferior to his superion 7 year old game expertise (aka snotty-ness). Hope I win!

  13. Cara says

    We already use our tv’s speakers to play music cause it has great sound. Would love to be able to access the computer..that is a really cool feature..although I probably wouldn’t be able to get near the thing :) not with my husband around

  14. says

    Nice giveaway!! I would do it all!! . Re: play games with your kids. Download movies. Access the pictures from your computer to show grandma a slideshow. Turn your TV into a giant mp3 player and leave my son for hours playing until his wrists hurts..LOL This is awesome!!!

  15. Bobbie Jo Gardella says

    If I won, I would use it to play games on with my boys. I know this is something they would really enjoy! I think I would too!
    Thank you for this chance!!

  16. says

    WOW this is awesome, I’ve never, in my whole life, had a video game, no atari, no nintendo, no wii. I have a husband and two boys who would go crazy if I win this one, so I’m going to use of the positive vibe in the universe to make me a winner!! :)

    We will use it for videogames of course and movies, I’m surprised to know there is so much more to the XBox that just games, thanks for the oportunity.

  17. Jess says

    My son is dying for an Xbox this Xmas – and if I can download movies, too . . . sounds like fun for the whole family – or at least two of us.

  18. says

    I’m dying to try both Dance Dance Revolution and the Beatles Rock Band. I’ve played the regular Rock Band, but I don’t know most of the songs. Plus, it would be great to be able to access all our bijillion photos that are currently stuck on my computer. I can see half of them on my desktop and half on my husband’s. This way we could see them all in one place. Thanks for the chance to win.

    2kopeople at gmail dot com

  19. says

    There are so many great features it would be hard to choose, but I think the boys and I would use this mostly for games. Who doesn’t love Batman?

  20. NYCityMama says

    OMG. I want one of these sooooooo bad! Ever since the peeps at Microsoft intro’d it to me, I’ve been in love. I would use it for everything: music, movies, game, social networking, you name it! Fingers crossed!

  21. says

    as a photographer I would do it all my the boys and my husband outnumber me so they would be with it most of the times, I hope we win!!! sure would make Christmas nice!

  22. Cindy Hickman says

    WOW! This XBox is amazing! I can’t believe you can access the computer from it! And I love Dance Dance Revolution! My kids and I would have hours of fun with this system! Thanks for the chance!

  23. says

    What would I do with this Xbox? Have a blast. I’ve heard that Rockband is awesome (from you mostly) so I’d love to ‘rock out’ with my kids. Hey, they already think I’m a bit of a dufus, so this would just help further my dufus status!

  24. says

    OMG, hy husband is dying for an XBox so he can play their favorite games with our son. I have to admit, I wouldn’t mind playing either (I’m a kid at heart!) lol

  25. zenlaw6 says

    I’d have the XBox Microsoft bundle square off, head-to-head, against my Mac. The winner would get to dominate my home-based media for the foreseeable future. Let the games begin!

  26. Doron says

    With an XBOX 360 Elite I would watch Netflix live, play Rockband and watch DVDs with the family, and basically have the best time ever!

  27. Rebecca says

    I never knew an XBOX could do all this!
    I would love to play on one, Im not much of a video gamer but my kids sure are, Rock Band is on the wishlists this year but they seem to forget that the gaming system is required!

  28. andreamy says

    Great idea for a giveaway!! I would use it to reconnect with my kids and hubby. Ken is always on the computer but the Hilary and Emily play somewhere else and I watch TV or read a book. With the XBox we could combine his loves and their fun together – play Rockband (they are getting for Christmas – ssshhhhh!!!) and finally play video games at the same time. It would be a great time to all be on the same page and have fun and make memories we will not forget

  29. says

    I think it would be pretty awesome to show my kids slideshows…as it’s hard for us to all gather around my smaller monitor on the computer. It would also be cool to play some (family-friendly) video games!!

  30. Cheryl Lund says

    I would use the Xbox 360 to have a weekly fun filled family night gathering with the kids. I would learn how to play the games and have fun with my kids at the same time. Then on another night we could have movie night and watch a downloaded Netflix movie.

  31. says

    I’ve never played Rock band, but used to spend MANY nights playing guitar hero on my exes Xbox. I hate to admit it, but it is one of the things I miss the most since out split ;)

    Now that my son and I are stuckindoors for the winter, I’d love to have an XBOx to entertain the both of us thourhg the cold!

  32. Denise Traynor says

    clueless grammadenny will do whatever you show me to do with it as part of my being dragged kicking and screaming into the twenty first century

  33. Stephanie Wolf says

    I’m with you, Amy – I bought it for my husband for Valentine’s day (the things we do for these guys!) :) I like that he can play games live with friends all over the country…cheaper than buying plane tickets :) I have a ball with DDR and snowboarding games. Still haven’t made the leap into Rock Band, but we will eventually and I think it will be a lot of fun to play as a family. I’ve been totally hooked, though, since we got the netflix streaming set up – it’s awesome!

    If we win, we’ll probably give it as a gift to a deserving friend or family member…it will fuel the fire to get Rock Band :)

  34. Annette D says

    Oh wow! I would love to win this, my 16 year old son would love to have a X-Box 360. He is the gamer at our house. They don’t let me play very much, I’m not very good at it!

  35. Tiffany says

    I would love to win this so I could play family games together with my three daughters and my husband! The Lego Batman game looks so cool!

  36. Tonya M says

    I would use this for quality family time… aka… my boys kicking my butt at whatever game is on. I have really wanted the Rock Band Beatles Edition but we don’t have a cool system so we are stuck with the PS2 rock band… crying on my original Nintendo as I type this. I feel like we are the last family in town that doesn’t have this system.

  37. Michelle S. says

    We have been wanting to get an Xbox360 for the family. 4 kids would love it for gaming, Hubby would love to play with kids and play live with his friends and I would love to access Netflix. Thanks for the Great Giveaway!

  38. Christine W says

    Cool to know there are so many uses. I am sure the one we would use most is playing games! Thanks for the chance!!!

  39. Marie says

    Would I love to win one for my kids & I! We have been drooling over our friends games, but having our own Xbox would definitly bring more fun and laughter to us as a family!

  40. suzanne zacharias says

    Since xboxes are usually for our boyfriends and husbands of the world, I would like to get one so that I could play the xbox myself! Once I got up to speed (after countless hours of play) I would be able to play the single person shooter games with the guys that I can’t seem to master and show them a thing or two!~

  41. Heather Lee says

    I would use this Xbox as a Christmas gift for my husband. (I want to be awesome too!) We’d use it for gaming, movies and music. All in one! <3 Happy Holidays!!

  42. says

    Well, first it would be a family gift…we’d use it for our Netflix to stream video and of course to play some fun games during family video game night… there is so much you can do with it, I probably would get one of those subscriptions as well to play Live since I know my teen son and hubby would want it!
    have a great holiday!

  43. says

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    Thank You!
    karenmed409 at comcast dot net

  44. says

    We’ve had a pretty tough year financially (just like a lot of people) and we’re struggling to scrape some money together to give our family a decent Christmas. The Xbox would go a long way to giving us a happy Christmas and would certainly used to the fullest, especially to stream Netflix movies (when there is more room in the budget) and play video games.

  45. Ross says

    What wouldn’t we use it for?! I’ll take advantage of XBox Live for the multiplayer aspect so I can start playing Halo and Madden 10 with my friends back home. My wife really enjoys Guitar Hero when we play it at a friend’s house and the Arcade games too. A Netflix subscription would be a definite must and I can finally start streaming my music collection via WMC instead of hooking up my laptop to the TV! Haha!