The “What? You haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet?” gift guide

Two days until Christmas, but an infinite number of reasons why you haven’t finished your shopping yet: forgot how many children you have, busy watching Christmas specials on TV, trying to pass a health-care bill that doesn’t suck ass…whatever your excuse, there’s hope.  Here are a few gifts that, as of this writing, are all in stock and ready to ship from Amazon (except the first one, which is delivered over email).  It’s all stuff that I or my kids have used, abused, and loved and can personally recommend.  So, you’ve got no excuses left: get those last-minute gifts taken care of.

For Young Readers

Disney Digital Books

Disney Digital Books is an incredible collection of Disney classics as well as the new stuff kids are watching on The Disney Channel – over 500 books and counting.  For very young kids who are not yet readers, there are a couple dozen books (mostly classic Disney movies) that the kids can listen to while “turning” the virtual pages and looking at the gorgeous artwork.  The rest of the collection is for readers of varying levels, from beginners who may need help with pronouncing a word here and there, to more advanced readers who can click on an unfamiliar word to get the definition.  My five-year-old daughter loves this site.  She’s just on the verge of reading, and after spending a few weeks exploring the “Look and Listen” books, she’s playing around with the rest of the collection, sounding out words and looking at pictures.  With more books at her disposal than we could ever buy, this site will keep her busy for a long time.

There’s a page set-up especially for buying gift subscriptions to the Disney Digital Books site.  At $79.95 for a year’s subscription, it’s a great gift that will keep on giving all year.  Plus, you can send the subscription as an email and know that it will get there in time for Christmas!

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Guinness World Records 2010

Guinness World Records 2010

My kids are totally obsessed with the giant Guinness World Records 2010 book.  My eight-year-old son has read the entire thing twice, and my five-year-old daughter (who isn’t quite reading yet) will sit and look at the pictures for hours.  Every page is covered with pictures of the records.  From the most people dressed as Superman, to the longest ears on a dog, to the person wearing the most underwear, there’s something in this book for absolutely everyone.

Buy it on Amazon and choose one-day shipping to get it by Christmas Eve.

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The New Captain Underpants Collection Boxed Set

Just gross enough to hold the interest of pre-teen kids, the Captain Underpants series is a hit with every kid I know.  Buy this set of the first five books on Amazon and choose one-day shipping to get it by Christmas Eve.

The Complete Little House Boxed Set

My dad read the Little House on the Prairie books to me when I was little, and they remain my favorite series of kids’ books.  I’ve already decided I’m going to buy this set for my daughter for her birthday this year.  I can’t wait to read it to her.  And even though he’ll claim it’s “too girly” I can predict with 100% confidence that my son will want to read it too.

Since the series starts with the harrowing account of how the Christmas gifts made it to the Ingalls’ house when Laura was little, it’s a perfect gift to start reading on Christmas.  Buy it on Amazon and choose one-day shipping to get it by Christmas Eve.

LeapFrog Tag Reading System & Tag Junior Book Pal

LeapFrog Tag JuniorWe don’t leave for trips without our LeapFrog Tag Reading System.  It’s kept two kids entertained as they learned how to read.  They can choose to have an entire page read, or just get help on hard words.  Each page also has hidden treats and games.

I wish the Tag Junior Book Pal had existed when my kids were younger.  It’s like a shorter, chunkier version of the original Tag – better for a toddler’s grip – that works with Tag board books.  Like the original Tag, you load the audio for the books onto the Tag reader (the Junior can hold up to five books at a time) and the child uses the reader to hear the books read.  I love LeapFrog products, and these two are far-and-away my favorites.

Buy the new Tag Junior or the original Tag on Amazon and choose one-day shipping to get it by Christmas Eve.

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Shred Sled

Shred SledI don’t really understand how my son mastered the Shred Sled (kind-of like a skateboard with in-line skate wheels).  It looked impossible, but he saw it as a challenge.  If you’ve got a little athlete or skate punk who’s looking to try something new, they might totally love this.

Buy it on Amazon and choose one-day shipping to get it by Christmas Eve.

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Tony Hawk: RIDE

Want to buy your little skateboarder a gift that won’t have to wait until warmer weather?  Tony Hawk’s new RIDE video game may be just the thing.  You stand on the board and then complete challenges and do tricks.  Since I will never be able to do anything on a real skateboard but fall down, even I love to channel my inner Tony Hawk with this very cool game.  I had a party recently where the kids all took turns, playing the game for several hours – it was a huge hit.

Buy it on Amazon and choose one-day shipping to get it by Christmas Eve.  It’s available for XBox 360, Wii, and PS3.

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PrintiesThis just may be my favorite toy discovery this year.  See, I don’t have a “crafty” bone in my body, yet somehow I gave birth to a little girl who I’m pretty sure will grow up to make her own clothes and Christmas cards.  She’s super frustrated by the fact that I can’t put together a homemade craft to save my life, so Printies came to our rescue.  Everything you need to make five little stuffed animals (aside from the computer and printer, of course) comes in the package.  And the best part?  No sewing, gluing, or cutting!  Totally mess free and yet very creative.  You go online and design your Printie (you can even upload pictures of your kids), then you print it out on the fabric paper, which tears away from the page.  You stuff it with the included cotton batting, clip the shoes on the bottom, and you’ve made your own stuffed animal!  After I made a couple with her, my daughter was able to design one on her own.  At less than four dollars per animal, this would be a great rainy-day or playdate activity.

Buy it on Amazon and choose one-day shipping to get it by Christmas Eve.  Don’t want to pay shipping?  I just saw a bunch at Target, so check your local store.

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Gifts for Grown-Ups

Sesame Street: 40 Years of Sunny Days DVDs

Sesame Street DVDI’m recommending this Sesame Street DVD set despite the fact that I cry every time I watch it.  I’m almost as old as the show, so I totally grew up while watching it.  Whether you’re “Doing the Pigeon” with Bert, cheering for Super Grover, or watching the parade of amazing celebrities that have appeared over the years, this is a very special set and would make a great gift.

Buy it on Amazon and choose one-day shipping to get it by Christmas Eve.

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Sesame Street: A Celebration of 40 Years of Life on the Street

Sesame Street BookAnother great gift option for the Sesame Street lover in your life is this hardcover coffee table book (it even comes with a DVD of the first episode!).  Packed with pictures and stories about the making of the show, the cast, and the changes over the years, this is something to be treasured.

Buy it on Amazon and choose one-day shipping to get it by Christmas Eve.

This product has Compensation Levels of 8 and 9.

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  1. Toni says

    I love the Little House books — I still have mine, from when I was not much older than Fiona, and I have even been known to reread one every now and again, even now.

  2. says

    @Christine W – I couldn’t help laughing watching him learn. There’s a low-ish fence that runs the whole block, with breaks for stairs. For weeks I would see him passing the window clinging to the fence, and then hear him fall and yell “Dang it!” every time the fence ended for stairs. :-)

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