Tomato Sauce makes me happy


Believe it or not, this isn’t a post about eating, or weight loss, or cravings.  It’s a post about environment, and relaxation, and ritual. I made sauce today, for the first time since before we moved into this house, over three-and-a-half years ago.  My kitchen still isn’t done, but it’s almost there.  And after years…

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This Week’s Time Sucker: Times Square Cam

It’s Wednesday, you’re dragging, you’re not paying any attention to work.  You need a distraction, and I’m here to help. There are few things more cliched than visiting Times Square.  Plus it’s cold.  It’s much more fun to go to the HD Times Square cam and watch other people walk around in the cold. Or,…

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Jenny McCarthy is trying to kill me

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Renovation time warp

I started posting again yesterday on, an insanely popular Brooklyn website.  When our house renovation was in full swing I had a regular blog on that site (Gates Reno) chronicling the ups and downs of renovating a 160-year-old Brooklyn brownstone.  But when the renovation money ran out, I ran out of things to talk…

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Weight Loss Tuesday: A Little Better (and the scale winner)

So I listed two goals in last week’s Weight Loss Tuesday post: drink more water, and do my Your Shape exercises three times in the second week of the Your Shape challenge.  How did I do?  Well, I did better than the first week, when I only exercised once.  Last week I exercised twice.  I’m…

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