Orly? Yes, really.

Sometimes you’re just in the right place at the right time.

I spent the last four days in Nashville at a blogging conference, Blissdom, and as luck would have it, our conference was in the same hotel as the National Tea Party.  Right next to it, in fact.  So, there was some comical mixing of bloggers and Teabaggers.

Opryland HotelThe weather was shitty – about the same as NYC – but it didn’t really matter, since the Opryland Hotel was gigantic and gorgeous, with indoor areas so huge I felt like I was outdoors, only better, since there was no weather or bugs.

I had finally left the hotel on Saturday, to go across the highway to Cooter’s Place.  I was raised on The Dukes of Hazzard, so this was something of a pilgrimage for me.

On my way back to my conference I went past the ballroom where Sarah Palin was about to give her keynote address.  I saw a bunch of cameras and reporters huddled around a blond dye-job in bright red and from a hundred feet away – from the back – I knew I had struck gold: Orly Taitz was talking.  It wouldn’t really matter what she was saying, it’s always entertaining.

There was a lot of background noise, so I’ll sum it up for you: She predicts that the democratic party will ask President Obama to step down before the next presidential election, to help the party.  I didn’t get a chance to ask her if Heidi Montag would win a Nobel prize.

Thanks very much to my Blissdom sponsor, Juice Box Jungle.

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    Sounds like quite a conference. Such a variety of people! Glad you had fun. I’m going to do my best to attend the next Blissdom, I feel like I really missed out this time aorund.

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