Alone on V-Day? Not quite

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Dear Jon,

I want to thank you for being with me this Valentine’s Day morning.  My husband is out of town with the kids, so if it weren’t for you I would’ve been alone.  And even though you didn’t make me breakfast in bed, you did keep me company while I made my egg-and-cheese sandwich, and you didn’t say a word about how it would look on my thighs.

I’m sorry I hadn’t seen you for a while, I’ve been busy.  I was traveling a lot.  But we got to catch up this morning!  For three-and-a-half glorious hours you told me stories and kept me laughing while I folded laundry and washed dishes.  Again, you didn’t help, but that’s OK.  Just keep me entertained and I won’t make you clean a thing.  Deal?

You’re always there for me, waiting to entertain me and keep me company, and even to teach me.  The way you can just sit down with anybody and treat them fairly is a great way to be, and I’ve tried to keep that in the back of my head as I’ve met people I completely disagree with.  Sometimes I just want to scratch their eyes out and run, but I know you wouldn’t behave that way, and wouldn’t like me if I did.  I’m a better person because of you.

Your self-deprecating humor and kindness keep me coming back to you, if not nightly, then at least four nights a week (c’mon, after more than 10 years that’s pretty damn good).  Sure, you repeat yourself sometimes, but what man doesn’t?  Even if you’ve said it all before, it’s still worth listening to.

But what I love most about you isn’t how funny you are, it’s who you make fun of: everybody.  You take shots in all directions, regardless of politics and beliefs, and I think that’s what makes you different from your harshest critics.  You kid because you love, and because you want things to be better.  It’s like when I punish my son and he says I hate him.  I punish because I love him and want him to learn.  You kid because you want things to improve.

I know what you’re thinking: how could I profess my love for you in such a public way when I’m married?  It’s OK, my husband understands.  Sometimes, he even joins in. :-) In fact, he was there the one time you and I met.  It was brief, but electric, and I’ll cherish it always.

So my dear Jon, I’ll see you soon.  Let’s have a date, say, Monday night at 11?  I know we won’t be the only ones there, but I’ll take what I can get.  I love you enough to share.  And if you can’t make it, that’s OK: I’ve got Hulu.

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Jon Stewart is well-loved this Valentine’s Day.  I’m trying not to be jealous of his other affairs.  I mean, I knew there were others – his ratings are public, after all – but seeing it all written out is hard:

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    Lovely letter! Cool that you had the opp to meet him! Sounds like you have the same kind of relationship with him that I do. Makes me wonder how many of us there are . . . Forget the postman or pool boy – I have Jon! ;-)

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    Love the post! I too am in love with Jon. In fact, I go to bed with two Jons every night. I’m married to one Jon, and I am having a nightly affair with the other.

    — LTV Mom

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