Kung Fu Panda World

Kung Fu Panda World

Today I took the kids to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Columbus Circle, to a sneak peak of a new online gaming world centered around the places and characters from Kung Fu Panda, hosted by Isabel from Alpha Mom.  After grabbing a cupcake Jake headed straight for the game, and played it for almost the entire time we were there, which is a good sign for the makers of the game.  I had a great time chatting with my friends Kim from Mom in the City and Anna from Mommy Poppins while our kids played the game.

When you start up this browser-based game, you’re asked some questions that help determine which character you should play.  You can change things around, or go with what the game assigns you.  Then you start exploring, playing games within the game, meeting other players, buying and trading goods, and earning achievements.  There’s a filter on the chat function that prevents kids from exchanging personal info, like addresses and phone numbers, and the game is monitored by actual people (college students, mostly) who know kid slang and online abbreviations.  Bullying behavior is flagged (such as a bunch of kids sending one player a frowny-face at once) and if unfair trading seems to be going on, with a kid being taken advantage of, this behavior is pointed out and the player is asked to confirm if he really wants the trade to go through.  I have no idea how successful these things are, but I’m impressed with the attempt.  There’s also a simple dashboard for the parents that, among other things, can control when kids are allowed to log on to the game.

One of my favorite aspects of this game is the free play option.  Most online games will give you a free week or even a month to play before you have to pay to become a full-fledged member.  On Kung Fu Panda world, you can play for free the same as a paid member, up until a certain level – about two or three months worth of play – before reaching the point where you can’t earn any more achievements.  Then you can continue to play for free (you just won’t advance any more in the game), or you can convert to the paid version of the game without losing any of your friends or achievements.  The paid version is $5.95 a month.  The free version “costs” one 20-second commercial for each day of play.

Fiona was more interested in the food and coloring pictures from the Kung Fu Panda movie, and wandered over to the game and started playing about five minutes before we had to leave.  Unfortunately she’ll have to wait another couple of weeks for the game to be officially open and running online, but you can go to the Kung Fu Panda World site and sign up for email alerts letting you know when the game will be ready.

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  1. Kailyn Day Broney says

    Not to be rude, but isn’t your kid too young to be going on the computer? Plus that’s a kid games ages 8-12. I know because I play it too. I’m Respected Dangerous Claws!

  2. says

    @Kailyn Day Broney – You’re not being rude, exactly, just incredibly presumptuous. What, exactly, do you think is the right age for my kids – whom you don’t know – to be on the computer? And as for that specific game, what kind of hard science do you think goes into those age guidelines?

    Knowing your kids is a better strategy than blindly following what a box says.

  3. Kailyn says

    Lol, well I dunno, I just think your child is too young to be going on the computer just right now, I mean I use mine to play a few games and stuff, I’m not saying your child CANT go on the computer, I just think its very unusual to see a kid at such a young age on a labtop/computer

  4. Rebecca D. says

    BEWARE to all considering joining Kung Fu Panda World! My son has been a member for over 6 months now and does not use it anymore so for the past month I have been trying to cancel membership, WITH NO LUCK. I have sent numerous emails to help/support and can never get a “live” person when I call the number, so I have to leave voicemails, of course which have received NO response. And they are still deducting the membership fees out of my bank account! I have no choice but to escalate this with further legal action. Needless to say Kung Fu Panda World has no customer service and seems to be a scam, so heed the warning and stay away from that website!

    • Erika says

      @Rebecca D.: I’m having the same problem….can’t cancel my membership and they don’t answer my e-mails. If anyone has any info on how to make them stop charging my bank account, please let me know. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS WEBSITE!!!!

      • Erika says

        @Erika: They have canceled my membership and refunded this past month so please disregard my last comment. All is good and they did take care of my e-mail request to cancel the membership they just never responded to me letting me know they took care of it. I noticed the refund from them on my bank statement so I’m a happy customer now!!

  5. says

    Here are the customer service contact numbers I found for Kung fu panda world 1-818-695-5000. They will probably direct you to 1-877-858-6438 and you will have to leave a message for a call back within a day. This is the worst customer service I have ever seen. Selfish, greedy hollywood Dream works. If they were a decent company they would have an easier way to cancel a subscription. Too bad to, because it’s a fun game. I will never buy anything from dreamworks.

  6. Frida says

    My Daughter, Zoe, loves Tigress and Kungfu panda , so when we went to mc ds and she saw the promotional bag, she had to sign up. She plays it alot, and it promotes things such as typing skills. Alot of the games invlovle typing letters and arrow keys, such as pressing them in a required order. It’s great that you can control the chat, and real live people monitor the site. Don’t sign up for it. I reapeat, DONT. The best thing to do is go on wikipedia and look up promotional codes witch can then be logged in for a month or two of free play. Great site, jsut dont sign up for membershiP!

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