What does bowling have to do with Tropicana Juice?

I’m excited to officially announce that I’m a Tropicana Juicy Insider, which means that I get to spread the word about a great program that Tropicana has going, where buying juice can save you money. Seriously, the carton of Tropicana OJ in your fridge right now might have a Tropicana Juicy Rewards code under the cap.  Mine did!

The way the program works is this: You buy specially-marked containers of Tropicana products (not just OJ; there’s a complete list on their FAQ page), then you create an account on the Tropicana website, and enter the 10 digit juicy rewards code from your Tropicana product.

Tropicana Juicy RewardsYou can search for rewards in your area to get an idea of what you could be saving.  In my area I was able to choose from discounts on Adidas and Coleman products, buy one/get one free admissions to museums and cultural institutions like the Children’s Museum of the Arts and the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, admission discounts to clubs and theaters, discounts for tours and amusement parks, and tons more.  There’s a huge selection.  You can even donate points to help save the rainforest.

You can redeem a reward for as little as one point, which is what we ended up doing last weekend.  It was raining here on Saturday, but I wanted to get the kids out of the house since Sunday was going to be totally stormy.  So, I took them bowling.  I went onto the Juicy Rewards site and chose my reward, then printed out a coupon for me and one for each of the kids.  We each “spent” one point, which entitled each of us to a free game of bowling when we bought one.  So, those three rewards points that we spent saved us a total of $13.50.  Which I of course let the kids spend on video games and this adorable picture of us in the bowling alley’s photo booth.  Of course, it would have been even cuter if the screen hadn’t been broken and we could have seen that Fiona wasn’t in the picture. :-)

The whole redemption process was really easy, and I haven’t even dipped into the points that Tropicana gave me yet to help spread the word about the program.  I’m going to go for something bigger next time.  And you’ve got a chance to earn an extra point after you sign up for the program, but you have to do this within six hours of registering: go to the Enter Codes page, and in the place where you would normally enter your 10-digit Juicy Rewards codes, enter “MOTHE-RHOOD” and you’ll get an extra point, which is worth up to $5!

The program is running almost until the end of 2010, so you’ve got plenty of time to save up and redeem rewards.  It was a really great way to spend an afternoon with my kids doing something we love, while saving some money.  I love taking my kids bowling, and it’s been really fun watching how they’ve progressed in the past couple of years.  When Jake first started, he would be super-competitive and get really upset if someone else beat his score, which happened pretty much every game.  I mean, I’m no great bowler, but the bumpers are up for the kids, so chances are I’m going to get a decent score!  But now he’s gotten more comfortable with the fact that he doesn’t have to win to have a good time, and it’s thrilling for me to see.  And Fiona?  She’s just happy when she gets any pins!

Jake, of course, got a strike (without hitting the bumpers!) on his very first ball, before I even had my video camera out.  But I got some great video from the rest of the two games.  I love seeing their different styles.  Fiona has mastered the art of getting gutter balls with the bumpers up, which is not easy!  So she tries different methods to get the ball to the pins: chucking it, waving her arms, even kicking it.  Jake?  He’s all business.  Until he gets a spare or a strike, then he gets happy/goofy.  Watch my kids in all their goofy bowling adorableness.  That first ball that Fiona throws really seems to defy the laws of physics.  At least we didn’t have to call an employee over this time to get one of her balls from the middle of the alley – sometimes they don’t make it all the way down!

Tropicana Juicy Insider logoAs part of the Tropicana Juicy Insider program, I received twelve Juicy Rewards points, cash to use in conjunction with point redemption, and additional compensation.

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  1. Rachael says

    The Tropicana code didn’t work. I thought that this was a great idea and have a carton of OJ in my fridge so I signed up. However it says the “mothe-rood” code is not recognized. can you help?

  2. says

    @Rachael – Hi Rachel, I’m so sorry that the special promotional code didn’t work for you, but it’s probably too late to do anything about it now – that code only works within six hours of opening you account. It looks like you might have misread the code – it’s “MOTHE-RHOOD” (looks like you forgot the H).

    But the code on your Tropicana juice will work, so there’s one!

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