What the heck is Obscura Day?

obscuraDayTomorrow, The Ass and I are taking the kids underground.  No, we’re not going into hiding.  When we do that it will most definitely be without the kids.  We’ve got a really cool expedition planned, into an old abandoned Brooklyn subway tunnel.  The tour is being led by the very guy who discovered the tunnel in the 80s (and let me just pause for a moment and reflect on the fact that there are giant tunnels under this city that nobody even knows about until some urban explorer goes snooping around).  We get to climb down through a manhole in the middle of Atlantic Avenue.  It’s either going to be thrilling or creepy, but either way I’m excited.  I’m just hoping there are no rats.

I’m also hoping that one or both of the kids doesn’t freak out.  They’re excited now, but even though I’ve tried to prepare them as much as possible, telling them where we’re going isn’t the same as standing next to your five-year-old as she wails in the middle of the street that she doesn’t want to climb down the old ladder into the dark tunnel.

It’s all part of something called Obscura Day, being celebrated with events all over the world on Saturday, March 20th 2010.  According the the website, it’s “an international celebration of wondrous, curious, and esoteric places.”   There’s a private tour of a pyramid in Rome (I didn’t know Rome had any pyramids!), a demonstration of a Victorian computer in California, a tour of an archeological site in Connecticut, a tour of a salt mine 65 stories below Kansas, an expedition through a tunnel full of glow worms in Sydney, and many many more.  It’s all being organized by Atlas Obscura, a group that reports on strange and odd places and collections all over the world.  I’m sure they have no shortage of subject matter.

So, if you want to participate, it’s not too late!  While some of the activities are sold out (like our tunnel tour), there are plenty that still have room.  Check out the site and see if there’s anything going on tomorrow where you live!

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