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Didn't I Feed You Yesterday? book coverYou know those people who plan out their month in advance, figure out who’s going to pick up whom when, what they’re going to cook for dinner for weeks at a time, and when they’re going to sit down and do the project that’s due on the 15th?  I’m just not one of those people.  I’m so bad at planning ahead that I’ve at times forgotten that I need a babysitter until two hours before I have to be somewhere.  I’ve stood at my door looking at my watch (I mean cell phone) wondering why my car to the airport isn’t there, only to realize I hadn’t called for one yet.

If you saw my google calendar you’d think it was Mission Control.  Every one of the kids’ gym days is on there.  Every day that Fiona is supposed to bring her violin to school or that I’m supposed to drive the Tae Kwon Do carpool is on there.  National holidays and NYC parking holidays are all marked on it in different colors.  School trips, blog trips, and family trips are all there.  And events go in there the moment I RSVP.  The problem is that I never actually look ahead and plan for any of this stuff.  So now, I’ve gotten myself into a situation where I’m meeting Laura Bennett in less than two days, and have no idea what to wear.  To make things worse, I’ll be spending all day tomorrow driving back home to Brooklyn from Buffalo with the kids, and all day Wednesday at blogging events, so I’ll have no time to shop or iron either.

If I were one of those plan-ahead type people, I’d have put in my calendar exactly what I was going to wear, with a reminder a week beforehand to make sure that it was clean and pressed, with accessories and shoes ready and waiting, and I would have actually looked ahead and acted on it.  But as I’ve already said that’s not me, so I’m a little screwed.

But listen, this isn’t just about me meeting Laura Bennett.   You can meet her too.  She’s signing her new book, Didn’t I Feed You Yesterday: A Mother’s Guide to Sanity in Stilettos, at the Borders Books in the Time Warner Center at 7pm this Wednesday, April 7th.  I’ll be there.  I have to be: I promised my mom an autographed copy.  I have no stilettos, and even if I did I just wouldn’t wear them on the subway, that’s a broken ankle waiting to happen.  But whatever I do end up wearing, you’ll know I agonized over it, changed my mind twelve times, cursed the fact that I’m between sizes and have no clothes, and then finally threw on something and ran out the door.

I’ve read an advanced copy of the book, and it’s fabulous.  As soon as I have a sec I’ll write a proper review, but it’s hilarious and I agree with just about everything she says.  And naturally, even though it’s a parenting book, she talks about her stint on Project Runway too.  How could she not?  Having to leave home for several weeks when you’ve got an apartment full of kids is definitely relevant to parenting.

So whether you’re a Project Runway fan, a fan of mothers who don’t take parenting any more seriously than it should be taken, or you just want to claim to be one degree closer to Tim Gunn, I hope you’ll come down to Borders on Wednesday for Laura’s book signing.  I’ll be there.  I have to be.  It’s in my calendar.

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  1. says

    This is one of the many times I wish I lived in NYC. Blogging events happen so often. I’m between DC and Baltimore…a blogging event wasteland. But, I digress…

    Laura’s book is very funny. Love her description of the condition of her weekend home! I need to do a review as well. Tell Laura I said Hi! She sent me a copy of the book to review.
    MusingsfromMe/Jill´s last blog ..Blockbuster Express Kiosks Make for a Cheap Family Movie Night

  2. Cara Robinson says

    I remember her from the show…how many kids did she have? 4…5? I couldn’t believe how put together she looked all the time…amazing!!

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