Flying Solo

I’m busy paying the bills today, but I’ve got a new post up on the NYC Moms Blog. [Sorry, the site I wrote that for no longer exists.] My kids are about to fly alone for the first time.  After more than twenty years together, I’m still surprised by things that my husband I disagree…

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If your new phone breaks under warranty, do you deserve a brand new replacement?

Droid Tweet

There’s an interesting (and very timely, for me) discussion going on today on one of my favorite sites, Consumerist.  I was first in line (online) to get a Droid phone when they debuted earlier this year, and I’ve been mostly thrilled with it.  I have a few complaints, and every once in a while it…

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Cheryl Hines? I can hardly Curb My Enthusiasm!

Cheryl Hines

Yes, that terrible joke in the title is my way of saying that Cheryl Hines will be stopping by the Hebrew National Better-than-a-Picnic picnic tomorrow.  Yay!  I love her on Curb Your Enthusiasm.  When it first started I really hated the concept of improvised dialogue.  But the Enthusiasm cast ran with hit, and got really…

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