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Delta wants me to pay $140 to do the right thing

I should be in bed right now, I’m exhausted.  But I’m so flabbergasted by the phone conversation I had with Delta that I have to post about it. A few weeks ago I booked a round trip flight from NYC to Kansas City and back.  My plans recently changed, and I’m now traveling from Kansas […]

Flying Solo

I’m busy paying the bills today, but I’ve got a new post up on the NYC Moms Blog. [Sorry, the site I wrote that for no longer exists.] My kids are about to fly alone for the first time.  After more than twenty years together, I’m still surprised by things that my husband I disagree […]

Would you have your five year old firebug fake arrested?

Your five-year-old starts trying to set things in his room on fire. You try various punishments, but they have no effect.  Eventually he successfully sets a book on fire and you know you need to do something drastic.  So, you ask your friend the Sheriff to pretend to arrest your son and try to scare […]

If your new phone breaks under warranty, do you deserve a brand new replacement?

There’s an interesting (and very timely, for me) discussion going on today on one of my favorite sites, Consumerist.  I was first in line (online) to get a Droid phone when they debuted earlier this year, and I’ve been mostly thrilled with it.  I have a few complaints, and every once in a while it […]

Cheryl Hines? I can hardly Curb My Enthusiasm!

Yes, that terrible joke in the title is my way of saying that Cheryl Hines will be stopping by the Hebrew National Better-than-a-Picnic picnic tomorrow.  Yay!  I love her on Curb Your Enthusiasm.  When it first started I really hated the concept of improvised dialogue.  But the Enthusiasm cast ran with hit, and got really […]

Getting hatched

Last week Teri Hatcher launched her new website, Get Hatched.  I had a great chat with Teri last month that covered a wide range of parenting topics, from sleep to sex to “me time” and lots in between.  A very small portion of our talk helped launched the site, and I also attended the launch […]

Join me tonight for “The Good Wife”

Twitter has done a weird thing to my TV viewing habits.  I usually watch shows days, even weeks after they’ve aired.  But there are certain shows I like to to watch with other people.  Live shows – especially awards shows – are a lot of fun to experience while chatting on twitter.  It’s like being […]

Last night I cheated, & I woke up regretting it

I always feel betrayed when someone gives a post a salacious headline, and then you click over and find out that the title was totally misleading.  Doesn’t stop me from doing it though.  Now that I’ve got you here, stay with me.  This post is about being lazy, and baking, and the universe taking its […]

How in the world do you get to Randall’s Island?

The Hebrew National Better-Than-A-Picnic Picnic this coming Saturday May 22nd is shaping up to be quite an event!  Have I mentioned yet that there will be a mechanical bull?  Yup, a mechanical bull.  That’s in addition to the band, kids’ activities, community service activity, celebrity appearance (get there promptly at 11:30 for that one – […]

Hi, my name is Amy…and you are?

I was just reading an excellent post by Mommy Niri about how bloggers treat other bloggers, and lots of thoughts were going through my head: how what she was saying applies to many many situation having nothing to do with blogging; how often I’ve seen this kind of behavior at conferences and events; how those […]