Getting hatched

Teri & me at the launch party

Teri & me at the launch party

Last week Teri Hatcher launched her new website, Get Hatched.  I had a great chat with Teri last month that covered a wide range of parenting topics, from sleep to sex to “me time” and lots in between.  A very small portion of our talk helped launched the site, and I also attended the launch party with Teri and a whole bunch of people from Disney who’ve been working very hard on the site.

Despite the fact that I had spoken to Teri a lot and felt like I knew her, we had never actually met before the launch party.  We did our chat via phone and video while she was at home in California and I was on spring break at my mom’s house in Buffalo.  I’d just like to say right now that I deserve some kind of award for lighting myself as well as I did in my mother’s house, which is the darkest house on the face of the earth.  I had literally every single plug-in lamp in front of me during the interview in an attempt to look like I wasn’t filming my part in a cave a la bin Laden (I could give him some good lighting tips, he should contact me).

So, I finally got to meet Teri at the launch party last week and spend some time with her in a quiet area away from the music and hoopla.  She’s incredibly sweet and beautiful in person, and I hope I get to work with her again.  And I do hope much more of our talk ends up on Get Hatched, it was a lot of fun.

This morning I was taking a good look at Get Hatched.  I especially liked this video chat between Teri and Mariel Hemingway, which touches on something I’ve always had problems with: being in the moment.  Just being there and concentrating on what I’m doing at any given time, not thinking about what’s coming next or worrying about what I’m not doing.  In a weird way that’s why I always have the TV on in the background with old sitcoms playing that I’ve seen dozens of times.  It gives me something to focus on that I don’t have to pay complete attention to.  It settles my scattered brain and keeps it from flitting around.

And to tie all of this in nicely with my own life, I got to see some real-life just hatched chicks this week.  My kids’ school participates in a great program with a local farm where each pre-k and kindergarten classroom gets to hatch a dozen chicks, keep them for a few days, and then return them to the farm.  Five of the chicks hatched over the weekend, so at drop-off on Monday morning we were greeted with this:

chicks just hatched

By yesterday all twelve of the chicks had hatched and were looking like the completely adorable little fuzzy wuzzy guys that make you wonder how hard it would be to keep chickens in a Brooklyn backyard and have fresh eggs everyday.  But then you start thinking about having to clean out a chicken coop when you can’t even manage to clean the toilets on a regular basis and you say goodbye to that idea pretty quick.  Grocery store eggs are just fine and the chicks don’t stay that cute for very long.

3 day old chicks

I actually had more pictures to add from after the launch party, when I went out to dinner at Tao with about two dozen fantastic Disney people.  But my beloved Droid may have – gasp – died!  And the rest of the pictures are on it.  They’ll have to go in another post, I suppose, if I can manage to salvage them.  If you have time after praying for world peace, an end to hunger and strife, a miracle weight-loss pill, and a win for whatever sports team you worship, please pray for my phone.

Anyway, time for me to get a shower and get on with my day.  I’ll try to be a little bit zen about it and simply “be” in my shower.

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  1. Cara Robinson says

    I don’t think there is anything cuter than baby chicks….except maybe baby pigs :) so cute

  2. Jack Stephen says

    Awesome chicks. i wonder why people in this world eat them!!!! They are so cute. Please save chicks.

    Jack Stephen
    Webmaster of

  3. says

    Have your using coloring into the chicks? I was making my chick a dalmatian one. I’ve tinted it with black and white. It’s really cute. Try it. But the color slightly changes when it grows.

  4. says

    Aaaaw! They look so cute and vulnerable! My little sister and I tried raising little chicks and we just can’t help it but always watch them because they’re just so cute! Thank you for posting this blog. It’s a good article to read.

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