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Don’t leave money on the table, use Coupon Cactus!

The following is a sponsored post.  I wrote the entire post myself based on my own experiences with, and can truthfully and wholeheartedly say that I really like the site and will continue to use it.

I do most of my shopping online at this point, everything from shoes to food to batteries to computers.  One of the best things about online shopping is the ability to comparison shop and get the best price, and every bit of savings helps.  So the chance to earn cash back for purchases that I would be making anyway gets me giddy.

Coupon Cactus is a cash-back, coupon and sale site with savings from thousands and thousands of stores, and the best part is that it is completely totally 100% free to use.  There are three ways to save money using this site.  I’ve used one of them, cash back, twice already.  I signed up for the site very quickly and got started.

Cash Back

A few nights ago a light bulb fell out of my kitchen ceiling onto the counter and glass shattered everywhere.  Besides nearly scaring me half to death, it reminded me that I needed light bulbs.  One by one those particular recessed reflector bulbs have been going out and I haven’t been able to find replacements locally – it’s a weird size.  So I went on to the Coupon Cactus site and searched for “light bulbs” and was happy to see a bunch of results.  A store called 1000 Bulbs sounded promising, and offered 3% cash back, so I checked it out.  They had my bulb, so I bought a dozen, because the bulbs were cheaper if I bought twelve or more.  So, I got a great price from a store I’d never heard of before, and I’ll also get about $1.60 in my Coupon Cactus account.


The way it works is this: you sign up for Coupon Cactus – and remember, that’s free – and then use it as a portal to get to online shopping sites.  As long as you’ve signed in to Coupon Cactus and make your purchase from that same window you started in, that’s all you have to do.  You don’t have to enter any codes or do anything special, just check out.  And then later you’ll see the money in your account.  Four times a year, Coupon Cactus sends you a check or deposits your money in your PayPal account (if there’s less than $10, they roll it over to the next quarter).

Then this evening as I was cleaning my desk I noticed that I’m running low on business cards, and with BlogHer coming up I don’t want to get caught without any.  So, I went to the site I always go to for business card printing,, and started ordering.  Then I remembered Coupon Cactus, and thought I’d check just in case UPrinting was offering cash back.  It was!  So I put in my order, and the 4% cash back I’ll get from ordering my business cards is already pending in my Coupon Cactus account.


Coupons and Sales

Another way to save with Coupon Cactus is by using their coupon codes and sale listings, and often these savings are in addition to the cash back I talked about above.  With some of the coupons you need to copy a code and enter it at check out, with other offers the savings will be reflected automatically.  There are some great coupons listed, like 25% off of Ross Simons (+ 2% cash back), 20% off of Popcornopolis (+ 4% cash back), and a Steve Madden coupon that almost made me fall off of my couch: 15% off of a $75 or more order, plus free shipping, plus 5% cash back.  Drool.  And that last one is exclusive to Coupon Cactus!  Keep in mind, these offers do expire, but new offers come in every day as well.



Quite possibly the easiest way to earn money on Coupon Cactus is to get your friends, family, co-workers, dog walker, kids’ teachers, and blog readers (ahem!) to sign up for Coupon Cactus using your unique code (mine is 129693 – please use it!).  For the rest of eternity, as long as the internet and Coupon Cactus exist, whenever someone who signs up with your referral number gets cash back, you also get cash back – 25% of what they got!  And that doesn’t come out of their share, it comes out of Coupon Cactus’ share, so spread your code far and wide and you could earn free money just because your friends and family went shopping.


Depending on what you’re shopping for (browsing or going for a specific item) and whether or not you know which store you want to buy from, there are a bunch of different ways to look for coupons and sales and cash back.  The tabs at the top let you look for the biggest discounts, or the newest discounts, stores that have free shipping, sales and coupons that are expiring, the most popular discounts, and of course by store or category.  Or you can just search for a specific item, like “water shoes” or “camping stove.”

There are coupons and cash back offers for just about everything you can think of, even travel.  If you have any questions you can check out the CouponCactus FAQ page for all of the details.  As for me, I have a gift to buy for my husband, and I’d love to save some money on it!

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