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Don’t leave money on the table, use Coupon Cactus!

The following is a sponsored post.  I wrote the entire post myself based on my own experiences with, and can truthfully and wholeheartedly say that I really like the site and will continue to use it. I do most of my shopping online at this point, everything from shoes to food to batteries to […]

Weekend Brunch

I love lazy weekend mornings more than just about anything. They’re so different from a typical weekday morning.  On school days we all come downstairs at different times and grab whatever we have time for.  Jake can make things like toast or frozen waffles, so if Fiona happens to be downstairs when he’s there, she […]

My recipes: no more paper!

Last week I went to a launch party for Microsoft Office 2010.  This was incredibly exciting for me because, well, I’m a bit of a geek.  Getting to sit with an expert from Microsoft and eat orange M&Ms (orange being the color of Office, of course!) and learn tips and tricks for some programs that […]

Father’s Day Waffles…eventually

We all just got done with our Father’s Day brunch.  Or maybe it was lunch.  I’m not sure where the dividing line is on that, maybe it was actually breakfast since it was the first thing anybody ate, despite the fact that it wasn’t ready until almost noon. The kids let us sleep in this […]

Instant Gratification

Fiona and I were just watching the “Dark Stanley” episode of The Simpsons.  There’s some weird creepy music that sounded familiar, and my usual go-to person for movie and TV references that I can’t place – The Ass – didn’t know either.  So I googled “simpsons music in dark stanley episode” and went to the […]

Poisoned Peaches

Occasionally I do actually shower before taking the kids to school, and this morning was one of those rare mornings.  While I was in the shower and the kids were having breakfast, Fiona came up to ask me if she could have a peach.  She’d been waiting rather impatiently for the slowest-ripening peaches in the […]

Project Natal = Kinect? Kool.

So the cat seems to be out of the bag on the official name for Microsoft’s Project Natal, the camera-based controllerless game for XBox 360.  I cannot wait for this to hit stores (not sure when that is yet, but it could be announced at tomorrow’s today’s – duh, I posted this after midnight – […]

God probably doesn’t even know who I am

This morning, after getting my kids to school late with my daughter dressed in the wrong clothes for a field trip and then burning my breakfast, I sat down with my laptop to check email and see what was happening on twitter.  I saw this tweet from the always interesting Liz of Mom-101: My mind […]

Delta got my kids home just fine

[click here to jump right to tips for kids flying alone] That’s not my kid I had to chuckle when I saw this story, about two kids who flew connecting flights on Delta and ended up in the wrong cities – the Boston-bound boy went to Cleveland and the Cleveland-bound girl went to Boston.  The […]

Why Mothers Smother Their Sons

I’ve sung the “Stay Awake” song from Mary Poppins hundreds of times.  I started singing it to the kids when Fiona was born, and it just stuck – with Jake, at least.  Instead of doing different songs every night, he started asking for that one over and over.  Fiona was a baby, she wasn’t making […]