My recipes: no more paper!

I had seven handfuls

The bowl was full when I sat down

Last week I went to a launch party for Microsoft Office 2010.  This was incredibly exciting for me because, well, I’m a bit of a geek.  Getting to sit with an expert from Microsoft and eat orange M&Ms (orange being the color of Office, of course!) and learn tips and tricks for some programs that I already love was really very cool.  I also spoke with some real people (seriously, not robots!) brought in by Microsoft to help explain how Office 2010 can make my life easier, more productive, and more organized.

One of the people I spoke with was Michelle Coolidge, who showed me how she had organized all of her recipes into Microsoft OneNote.  I’ve been using OneNote for several years, but for some reason it had never occurred to me to use it for recipes!

Michelle Coolidge, showing off her organizational skills

Michelle Coolidge, showing off her recipe organizing skills

I find most of my recipes online these days, but I still print them out because I want to be able to make notes on them and change things.  So I’ve ended up with dozens of papers all over the kitchen, some of them multiples of the same recipe because often I can’t find the one I need so I have to search through my bookmarks and print it out again, and then of course I find the original.  All of those papers drive my husband a little crazy and cause me to waste time, so the other night I started putting all of those paper recipes onto OneNote.  I couldn’t believe how quick and easy it was!

Don’t believe me?  Here’s a screencast of me moving a recipe, and a little tour of my OneNote recipe notebook.  Definitely make the screen bigger so that you can see what I’m doing.

Headed for the recycling bin

Headed for the recycling bin

Wasn’t that fast?  I can do it even quicker when I’m not explaining as I go along.

I love this, because now I can’t lose them.  Even if I lose my computer, the files are saved to Microsoft’s SkyDrive,  which means that I’m also able to access these files online, whether the computer I’m using has Office installed or not.  I can take all the notes I want in the same place.  I don’t have to search through piles of papers.  And best of all, I replaced all of these in about ten minutes.

Next I’m going to work on the couple hundred recipes I have bookmarked online.  Those will be even quicker, because I won’t have to hunt down random pieces of paper hiding in my kitchen.

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  1. Michelle Coolidge says

    Thanks for the post! The recipe sounds great. I just sent it to my OneNote recipe file! I didn’t think to send the recipe to OneNote from the print screen page. From there, you can also just right click and it will send the recipe directly to OneNote without having to copy and paste. It will automatically put the title on too!

  2. says

    @Michelle Coolidge – Thanks for being my inspiration!

    I do the print to OneNote option with some documents that I’m just archiving, but for things like recipes where I might want to reformat it and take notes, the print option makes that impossible. If you copy and paste it it’s like you entered the text yourself instead of just getting a snapshot.

    That’s one of my favorite soup recipes, because I can eat the entire pot without eating a million calories.

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