Poisoned Peaches


Occasionally I do actually shower before taking the kids to school, and this morning was one of those rare mornings.  While I was in the shower and the kids were having breakfast, Fiona came up to ask me if she could have a peach.  She’d been waiting rather impatiently for the slowest-ripening peaches in the…

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Delta got my kids home just fine

[click here to jump right to tips for kids flying alone] That’s not my kid I had to chuckle when I saw this story, about two kids who flew connecting flights on Delta and ended up in the wrong cities – the Boston-bound boy went to Cleveland and the Cleveland-bound girl went to Boston.  The…

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Why Mothers Smother Their Sons

I’ve sung the “Stay Awake” song from Mary Poppins hundreds of times.  I started singing it to the kids when Fiona was born, and it just stuck – with Jake, at least.  Instead of doing different songs every night, he started asking for that one over and over.  Fiona was a baby, she wasn’t making…

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