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I don’t think a loincloth would fly in public school

I’m sitting here after one in the morning madly googling “ancient egypt boy costume” trying to find something that a person with the craft and sewing skills of a four-year-old (that would be me) could whip together tomorrow for Jake.  His class has been studying Egypt and he’s supposed to show up on Wednesday for […]

Apparently I shop with criminals

UPDATE: Consumerist has a post about something very similar happening to someone at a Walgreens in Brooklyn. I wonder if it’s the same one. I don’t shop too much in actual stores anymore, and the experience I had over the weekend in Walgreens is one of the reasons why. Shoplifting is a problem, I get […]

Save $50 on Champions Summer Science Camp

I just watched four videos about the Champions Science Adventures (actually, I watched the one about liquid nitrogen twice!).  My son will be attending one of their Champions Summer Science Camps for a week this August, courtesy of Champions.  Before I had kids, when I was struggling to bring in money as an actress (thank […]

Inside Intel

I’m on a plane as I write this, going from a family vacation in Kansas City to Portland, OR (with a quick stop in Phoenix).  I’m headed to an Intel conference called “Upgrade Your Life” and get to spend tomorrow with a group of amazing bloggers, as well as some of the smarties who work […]

This is the part where I feel like I might throw up a little

So my kids are on a plane, without me, or my husband.  It’s still at the gate, and I’m still at the gate, but I have no way of knowing what’s going on inside.  I hope for the sake of the other passengers that they’re behaving.  And I hope they’re not scared. We’ve all known […]