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Nine years ago today my life changed forever

I’ve been staring at that terrible headline trying to come up with something less clichéd, maybe a little funny or snarky.  But I can’t come up with anything more honest.  Today is my oldest child’s birthday (the very minute this posted, actually).  And while I don’t love him any more than I love his little […]

Get Your Own Eggo Breakfast Pizzas!

Eggo™ Real Fruit Pizzas I was sent these new Eggo™ Real Fruit Pizzas to try, and honestly I wasn’t sure when they arrived that they were going to be my thing. I mean, I love pizza, and I love granola, and I love many other Eggo products, but I’m not crazy about yogurt mixed with […]

Bargaining with an eight-year-old

I try not to say no to my kids unless there’s a good reason.  Unfortunately for them, a good reason can be anything from “We can’t afford it” to “You don’t need it” to “Leave me alone I’m taking a nap.”  But I try not to be capricious about these things.  If it makes sense, […]

My Week On Twitter

Monday, July 19th Tuesday, July 20th Wednesday, July 21st Thursday, July 22nd Friday, July 23rd Saturday, July 24th Sunday, July 25th Originally posted on Selfish Mom. All opinions expressed on this website come straight from Amy unless otherwise noted. Please visit Amy’s Full Disclosure page for more information. Amy also blogs at Filming In Brooklyn, […]

People like this make me cling to karma

So I was driving the kids to camp this morning – my two, plus another girl that we carpool with.  The drive is long and maddening, a route filled with double (and occasionally triple) parked cars, buses, dollar vans, completely nutty livery cab drivers, encroaching pedestrians waiting to cross the street, and bikes who don’t […]

Why I call my husband “The Ass”

I just saw that tweet and was about to respond to it on twitter.  I get a tweet or an email just about every day asking why I refer to my husband as “The Ass” online.  So I decided to write a post explaining it once and for all, and I can just refer people […]

Do you have wifi dead spots?

We’ve got a big house.  It’s not ginormous, it’s just tall – four floors and a basement.  Our modem is in the basement, and several locations in the house are hard-wired to the modem.  Also connected to the modem is a Cisco wireless router.  That wireless router gives us a somewhat unreliable but usable signal […]

“The Good Wife” filming today at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

This morning while driving back from my kids’ summer camp I stumbled upon the unmistakable sight of dozens of large trucks lining the street, setting up for a movie or TV shoot near the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.  It turned out to be CBS’ The Good Wife, my new favorite show from last season.  The Good […]

My week on twitter:

Monday, July 12th Tuesday, July 13th Wednesday, July 14th Going to Blue Bunny Ice Cream headquarters in Le Mars, Iowa Thursday, July 15th Friday, July 16th Last day at Blue Bunny :-( Saturday, July 17th Sunday, July 18th Originally posted on Selfish Mom. All opinions expressed on this website come straight from Amy unless otherwise […]

The playground should be a sanctuary

On weekdays our local playground is crowded and loud.  That’s actually a good thing.  More kids to play with, more of my friends there.  And most importantly, if there’s a big-mouthed parent swearing his or her head off, it gets lost in the cacophony. But on weekends, the playground is mostly empty.  What everybody else […]