“The Good Wife” filming today at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

This morning while driving back from my kids’ summer camp I stumbled upon the unmistakable sight of dozens of large trucks lining the street, setting up for a movie or TV shoot near the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.  It turned out to be CBS’ The Good Wife, my new favorite show from last season.  The Good Wife has an amazing cast of powerhouse actors, including Julianna Margulies (ER), Chris Noth (Sex and the City, Law & Order), Josh Charles (Dead Poets’ Society and the completely underrated and overlooked Sports Night) Christine Baranski (Cybill, Mamma Mia, and sucky secret-keeping), and Alan Cumming (X-Men and the 1998 Broadway revival of Cabaret).  Plus a couple of fantastic cast members who were previously unknown to me, Matt Czuchry and Archi Panjabi, who TV Guide’s Matt Roush referred to as a “Super-Hero Mystery Sex Goddess.”  I went to a panel discussion a few months ago to hear several members of the cast discuss the show, and it was really fascinating.

Anyway, I wish I had time today to wander around the Botanic Gardens hoping to run into Julianna Margulies and gush about how amazing she is on the show, but I had to take my dying Saturn in to have the AC fixed.  And as huge a fan of the show as I am (and as much as I’ve been neglecting Filming In Brooklyn), broken AC during a heat wave trumps fawning fan-girl adventures every time.  This especially sucks because when I went to that panel discussion and had the chance to ask a question, I very self-servingly told the cast about Filming In Brooklyn and begged them to let me on-set should I ever show up while they were in my borough.  Matt Czuchry said OK, but I’d have to wear the same lime-green raincoat I wore to The Paley Center that night.  But at least I’m sitting comfortably on my couch right now instead of standing in the blazing sun in a bright coat trying to explain myself to a disinterested production assistant.

The “set” signs point to an entrance on Washington Avenue near Crown Street, and the trucks line several blocks of Washington Avenue as well as a couple of side streets.  I hope for the cast’s sake that they’re not stuck in coats today filming a Chicago winter scene.  There isn’t enough Kleenex in NYC to blot those foreheads fast enough.

“The Good Wife” at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens [Filming In Brooklyn]

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  1. Denise Traynor says

    alan cumming hosts masterpiece mystery on PBS- i was wondering why as i thought i had never seen him. I have watched Goldeneye so much never realizing that he was Boris.

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