Get Your Own Eggo Breakfast Pizzas!

Eggo™ Real Fruit Pizzas

I was sent these new Eggo™ Real Fruit Pizzas to try, and honestly I wasn’t sure when they arrived that they were going to be my thing. I mean, I love pizza, and I love granola, and I love many other Eggo products, but I’m not crazy about yogurt mixed with other things and I’m pretty picky about fruit.  I could really only be a food blogger within a narrow niche of picky vegetarians who aren’t crazy about typical vegetarian go-to foods. :-)

But anyway, I was happy to try something new with an open mind.  I made the strawberry Real Fruit Pizza in the microwave for my family and while we liked it, my husband hit the nail on the head: it was good, but we’re a crisp crust family.  The microwave preparation makes a tasty breakfast pizza with a soft crust, but I made the next one – Mixed Berry – in the oven, and that made ALL the difference.  I’m not even all that crazy about blueberries or raspberries, and yet I wolfed the mixed berry one down myself in about three minutes.  And it only took seven minutes to bake in the oven.  Totally worth it if you like a crisp crust (if you like soft crust, you’ll be thrilled with the lightening-fast preparation of these breakfast pizzas in the microwave).  Read through to the end to see how you can win your own Eggo™ Real Fruit Pizzas sample pack.

Morning Routine Renewal

Mornings around here have settled into a routine, but I’m not sure it’s a good one.  The kids get out the door on time for the camp car-pool, but they’re usually making their own breakfasts and I’m often scrambling to get their camp backpacks packed at the last minute.  And inevitably someone remembers that they need something signed, or a costume, or a special shirt, or something else I’m not prepared for.  Sadly, any change to this will involve me, um, you know, not being a completely lazy disorganized ass, but it’s worth it if I can make things a bit smoother in the mornings.  They only have a few weeks of camp left, but these changes that I’m planning on making will carry over well to the school year.

  • I’m going to enter all of their camp information into my google calendar, so that I don’t waste time searching for the camp calendars (I’m hopeless with paper, I think it hides from me).  I check that calendar multiple times each day, so I won’t be blindsided by pajama day or color wars day or let’s-see-if-we-can-make-your-mom-yell-in-frustration-while-getting-ready day.
  • I will get all of that stuff prepared the night before, so that there’s no running around in the morning searching for things that I find ten minutes after the kids leave.
  • I’m going to make them set out their clothes the night before, so that I’ve got a better idea of what I need to get ready for them.  Having a 25-minute quick cycle on our washing machine is great, but having to wash underwear last-minute makes for a harried morning.  Besides, a watched dryer never dries (although here’s a bonus tip: throwing a couple clean, dry towels in with the wet underwear speeds things up).
  • I’m going to wash and cut up fruit for the kids the night before.  They’ll eat it if it’s all ready for them, but if they have to wash it and prepare it, they’ll ignore its existence.
  • I’m going to stock a bigger variety of breakfast foods that they can make themselves.  While I’d love to vow to be downstairs with them at breakfast time, it’s just not likely most days.  With four people showering I’m usually the last one in (unless I want to get up at 5:30, which I don’t) so I’m just being realistic about this one.
  • The biggest change I’m going to make is re-instituting our daily checklists.  I’ve used these off-and-on over the years when I felt like I was being a real nag.  Instead of chasing the kids around reminding them to put their dirty clothes down the chute or to brush their teeth, or punishing them endlessly after the fact, I put everything into a checklist for each kid so that they had no excuse for forgetting something.  It’s not foolproof, but a lot of the stuff they were just honestly forgetting, so this helped them focus.  After using it for a while they always get into a groove and then we let it go, but they need it again, definitely.  And if your kids aren’t old enough to read, I did Fiona’s first checklist with little pictures: the toothbrush, the light switch, etc.  Worked like a charm and checking things off made her excited.

The Giveaway

Eggo Real Fruit Pizza - StrawberryI’d love for you to share some morning tips of your own that have helped you out.  Five winners will be chosen via to receive two of the new Eggo™ Real Fruit Pizzas (both varieties, Mixed Berry Granola and Strawberry Granola, one each) to sample.  (This contest is running on some other blogs, so if you win somewhere else you can’t win here as well.)  Out of all of the comments on all of the blogs running the contest, five will be chosen to receive another sample two-pack of Eggo™ Real Fruit Pizzas plus a couple of Eggo coffee mugs.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment with your best morning streamlining tip.  Please make sure you leave a valid email address so that I can get in touch with you if you win.   Entries will be received until 12am on August 5th, 2010 (confusing, I know – just consider it late-night on August 4th).  Any entries received after that time will be removed.  Five winners will be chosen by sometime on August 5th.

This promotion is sponsored by TheMotherhood.  Giveaway is open to legal residents of the continental U.S. who are at least 18 years old.  Only one entry per person please.  For my complete givaway rules, please see my Giveaway Rules pageYou can see all of the very official somebody-else-came-up-with-them rules here. Want more info about Eggo™ Real Fruit Pizzas?  You can join The Motherhood EggoAm Circle.  Good luck!

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  1. Kathryn Laughlin says

    I make-up a mass amount of food and package individual meals for easy lunch packing or freezing. It makes mornings easy to pack lunches for myself, husband, and kid.

  2. Angela says

    All good ideas, Amy. I was amazed how much difference cutting up the fruit made, even for “big” kids! One other thing I did, “back in the day”, and have started doing again now that I am back in school, is to use a coffee pot with an “auto on” feature set to start brewing when my alarm goes off. Of course, if you don’t drink coffee, that’s not much help. If I could just get that first cup in my hand before the kids started coming downstairs, there was a possibility, however small, that we might all live until lunch time.

  3. says

    I try to have all the clothes for the day (mine and theirs) set out the night before. Well, ok, as long as they’re picked out in my head I consider it good. I also try to make lunches the night before and make sure bags are packed for the day the night before. It doesn’t always all happen, but it’s a great day when it does!

  4. says

    I try to take any leftovers from dinner the night before and cut them up for my daughter to take to school the next day. I also let my daughter participate in the “getting ready” process (even though she’s only 2 1/2) by giving her a “choice” of 2-3 outfits, which makes getting her dressed much easier!

  5. says

    Even though we homeschool, I try to get my daughter ready in the AM and not feel that we’re at home = pajama day. Clothes are set out, breakfast is put out (so she can eat if I’m still getting ready) and I make sure that before going to bed things are straightened up so I don’t wake up to a stressful situation.

  6. says

    On school mornings, my oldest daughter(7) is responsible for choosing outfits for both herself & her younger sister (4). Little sister participates, and it’s fun for both of them. I check the outfits & make sure they work.

  7. says

    My most useful tip in the morning is to boil potatoes & chop up the peppers & onions the nite before to make home fries in the morning. So easy!