When the hell did Fred Savage die?

Fred Savage or Corey Haim

It’s usually harder than this to pinpoint the origins of internet death hoax rumors, but the Emmy Awards made it easy last night. In the little pre-commercial preview of the “In Memoriam” segment this image was flashed: And sure enough, Twitter lit up with “OMG Fred Savage Died?” tweets.  Of course, it was revealed in…

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The sticky spot on my floor that is breaking my brain

Our floors downstairs have always been dirty.  We don’t have this problem on the upper floors; sand comes in from our front entrance and dirt from the back, and I’d just sort of given in.  I run my Swiffer WetJet over them occasionally, and we sweep frequently, but there’s just always been a dark dirty…

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Get your own pair of simulated diamond earrings, free!*


A new website called DiamondEarrings.org has an innovative promotion going on.  They’re not selling anything yet, but are spreading the word about their site by giving away free pairs of simulated diamond earrings set in sterling silver, and will ship them anywhere in the continental U.S.  It works like this: 1) Mention the site DiamondEarrings.org…

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