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Another Mystro Time Warner update: what’s different?

Last week while I was watching TV my Time Warner DVR shut down and started another software update.  It was annoying that I wasn’t given the choice to wait, since I was in the middle of a show – just because it’s two in the morning doesn’t mean that everyone is asleep – but whatever.  […]

When the hell did Fred Savage die?

It’s usually harder than this to pinpoint the origins of internet death hoax rumors, but the Emmy Awards made it easy last night. In the little pre-commercial preview of the “In Memoriam” segment this image was flashed: And sure enough, Twitter lit up with “OMG Fred Savage Died?” tweets.  Of course, it was revealed in […]

The sticky spot on my floor that is breaking my brain

Our floors downstairs have always been dirty.  We don’t have this problem on the upper floors; sand comes in from our front entrance and dirt from the back, and I’d just sort of given in.  I run my Swiffer WetJet over them occasionally, and we sweep frequently, but there’s just always been a dark dirty […]

How important is sleep for a mom? Just ask my crying daughter

I think this past week may have been my worst week of sleep ever.  I’m talking in my whole life, excepting of course the months when I had newborns (there isn’t even a word for that kind of chronic exhaustion).  In the past four nights I went to bed once at 4am, twice at 2, […]

Get your own pair of simulated diamond earrings, free!*

A new website called has an innovative promotion going on.  They’re not selling anything yet, but are spreading the word about their site by giving away free pairs of simulated diamond earrings set in sterling silver, and will ship them anywhere in the continental U.S.  It works like this: 1) Mention the site […]

Wisk, 70s hair, and the Flintstones

The following post was commissioned by Wisk. I remember an episode of the Flintstones where Wilma and Betty are discussing Fred’s “ring around the collar” laundry problem.  Betty asks Wilma how she solved it, and Wilma replies that she washed Fred’s neck. :-) I’ve never really been aware of neck dirt on my husband’s shirts, […]

Freebies, swaghags, and disclosure

The Blogging Angels‘ second podcast went up this morning, and I’m very excited to announce that we’re now on iTunes! This podcast is all about the free stuff that many bloggers have access to, what they do with it, and what it means for readers.  This is a subject I know a lot about.  I […]

Quick and easy quiche recipe

I stress about odd things.  I’m fine with speaking in public, walking into a room full of strangers, flying, and nearing forty.  But I stress big-time when I cook for company.  That’s why I’ve gotten quite good at making things that I can put together before the guests arrive and then bake while I’m enjoying […]

The Blogging Angels: Because I just don’t talk enough

I’ve decided that the only way I’m ever going to get thin is if I spread myself that way, so three friends and I have started a new website, The Blogging Angels.  We’re starting with some podcasts, and since the biggest mom blogging convention in the universe just happened a week ago, that’s our first […]

My kids behaved almost like people at dinner

I don’t really like going out to eat with my kids, for a few reasons.  First and foremost is that they like totally different restaurants than I do.  While I’d rather go out for Mexican, or Italian, or Greek, their favorites are McDonald’s, Burger King, and Subway.  And I like the food at all three […]