The Blogging Angels: Because I just don’t talk enough

I’ve decided that the only way I’m ever going to get thin is if I spread myself that way, so three friends and I have started a new website, The Blogging Angels.  We’re starting with some podcasts, and since the biggest mom blogging convention in the universe just happened a week ago, that’s our first topic.

So what’s a podcast?  I knew nothing about them two weeks ago.  I do videos.  Why would I want to go backwards and take my face off of the thing?  Because people can listen to podcasts while jogging, driving, cooking, cleaning, and many other things they couldn’t watch videos while doing.  I mean, they could, but shouldn’t.  So enter podcasts, and also enter my good friends Rebecca, Heidi, and Nancy.  I hope you enjoy, and if you have any topics you’d like us to tackle – parenting issues, tech, George Clooney, anything – please let me know!

The Blogging Angels: BlogHer Post-Mortem

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