Freebies, swaghags, and disclosure

The Blogging Angels‘ second podcast went up this morning, and I’m very excited to announce that we’re now on iTunes!

This podcast is all about the free stuff that many bloggers have access to, what they do with it, and what it means for readers.  This is a subject I know a lot about.  I have a swag room.  I let my pregnant sister Cara go shopping in it for baby stuff last time she was in town.  It’s crazy that my youngest child was four when I started blogging and yet I’ve been given tons of baby stuff.  I think it’s just easier and cheaper for the companies to send stuff out to way too many people than to take the time to target the products well.

Almost every job I’ve ever had had some kind of perk associated with it, from free baked potatoes at Arby’s to a great suntan while lifeguarding to free porn on the TV when I was a concierge.  But at least those jobs had paychecks, and the perks were just extras.  For many bloggers, the perks (free products) are the main reason they’re blogging.  For others, free products are evil and they will have nothing to do with them.  I suspect that most of us fall somewhere in the middle.

When I was still a fairly new blogger I was having a conversation with Kim Orlando ( about all of the free stuff I was starting to get and what I should do with it.  She told me something that really stuck with me: whatever I do with it, it’s not free.  Dealing with it takes work.  And it can be very fun work.  I like using products and writing about them.  But it takes a lot of time, and yes, it is work.

In fact, the only “freebies” that I would consider totally free are the ones you never ever hear about on this blog: they come to my house and either get given away or collect dust.  And that category makes up about 90% of the stuff that comes my way.

The Blogging Angels: Swag, freebies and responsibility

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