Wisk, 70s hair, and the Flintstones

The following post was commissioned by Wisk.

I remember an episode of the Flintstones where Wilma and Betty are discussing Fred’s “ring around the collar” laundry problem.  Betty asks Wilma how she solved it, and Wilma replies that she washed Fred’s neck. :-)

I’ve never really been aware of neck dirt on my husband’s shirts, but then again I don’t wash them.  We send them out because I try to iron only once or twice a year, and if I were responsible for his shirts, I’d be ironing all the time.  Would I also be battling this mysterious ring around the collar problem?  Apparently, it used to be quite the predicament for wives in the 70s, as evidenced by this fabulous retro commercial:

I love that commercial.  Sometimes I feel like my laundry is screaming at me too.   And the hair!  Oh, I could make fun of her hair for…wait, the haircut I just got the other day is eerily similar to hers, all I’d have to do is flip the ends up.  Sigh.

So, compare that to this new teaser commercial from Wisk:

We’ve come a long way, baby, from stressing over our spouse’s laundry (why the hell isn’t he packing his own suitcase anyway?), to the science behind the suds (or at least the suggestion of science, what with all the chemical element abbreviations floating by on the screen).

I don’t want to stress over my laundry, it doesn’t define me.  I just want it done, and I want the stains out.  And man, can my kids bring the stains.  I just don’t remember getting that dirty in the 70s, and I was playing outside all the time.  My kids have found new and exciting ways to stain their clothes: my son likes to land on his knees a lot when playing dodgeball or soccer, and I’m beginning to wonder if either of them will be able to go to college without a bib.  Plus, with both of them losing teeth, there’s always a good possibility that someone will come home with blood all over their shirt.

And The Ass?  Well, let’s just say that he’s had issues with every condiment from mustard to salsa.  When we go out to dinner we do an over/under for when he’ll spill something on his shirt.

By the way, this isn’t the first time I’ve crossed paths with Wisk.  I’m in a couple of their Mom Blogger videos, and also on that same page is an interview I did with my good friend Maria Bailey.  Why is my voice to freakin’ high in that one?

I’ll be working with Wisk for a few more posts about the newest stain fighting capabilities of their detergent.

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  1. Carol Poulin says

    You’re exactly right, you never spilled anything on yourself, you were such a little lady when you were young!!

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