Another Mystro Time Warner update: what’s different?

Last week while I was watching TV my Time Warner DVR shut down and started another software update.  It was annoying that I wasn’t given the choice to wait, since I was in the middle of a show – just because it’s two in the morning doesn’t mean that everyone is asleep – but whatever.  After it was done and the system rebooted I tried it out.  I was eager to see the changes, because after the last Mystro update there were some huge ones.  But it’s been about a week and so far I’ve only discovered one obvious change: a new fast forward and rewind speed has been added, 4, and it is quite fast.  Hitting play still makes it go back too far, but at least it doesn’t take so long to get through commercial breaks anymore.

Anyone notice anything else?  It is of course quite possible that the update had more to do with how the system runs than with features that a normal user would notice (since there’s no indication after it’s over that any update took place, who knows how often they happen), but if there are new features I’d like to know what they are instead of accidentally finding them two months from now.  So if you’ve found any other differences please add them in the comments.

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