When the hell did Fred Savage die?

It’s usually harder than this to pinpoint the origins of internet death hoax rumors, but the Emmy Awards made it easy last night.

In the little pre-commercial preview of the “In Memoriam” segment this image was flashed:

And sure enough, Twitter lit up with “OMG Fred Savage Died?” tweets.  Of course, it was revealed in the actual segment that that was a very young Corey Haim, who did die earlier this year, not Fred Savage, who is alive and well and directing episodes of all of the tween shows my kids torture me with.  But my goodness it did look like little Kevin Arnold.

So that’s the end of it, right?  They showed the name with the picture and the rumors were quashed.  But no, this morning rumors are flying that Fred Savage died in a drunk driving accident.  It appears that this rumor is not new, but was resurrected by fans googling for info.

Fred Savage is not dead.  But really Academy, you couldn’t have picked a clip that actually looked like Corey Haim?  He did several TV series, there must have been other clips to choose from.

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    That was a horrible photo to use of Corey Haim…. because it really DOES look like Kevin Arnold…. maybe it IS a photo of Fred as a child and whoever was in charge of the “slide show” made a HUGE mistake. Because that doesn’t look like Corey Haim AT ALL.

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    @Mrs. O – I know! My very quick picture research couldn’t come up with anything conclusive, except that the clip they used was probably from a Canadian show called “The Edison Twins.” Or at least that’s what they thought it was from, but I’m not convinced that it was.

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