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Sleeplessness sucks

Yes, I know, thank you Captain Obvious.  And if I were slightly more awake I might be able to come up with something more original and informative than “sleeplessness sucks” but I’m not so I can’t. I usually have no problem sleeping.  If anything, I sleep too easily.  The last time I had an epic […]

On kitties, suicide, and the JFK assasination

Today was a weird day.  It started with exhaustion, which is never a good thing when I’m trying to sound smart (I end up rambling).  I got in late last night from a trip to Buffalo, went to bed very very late, and didn’t sleep well.  I shuffled out of the house this morning, wearing […]

To sum up

This note pretty much sums up my mood for the last week.  Not all the time, of course.  People who saw me this week would probably say that I was normal, happy even.  And in those moments I was.  Or I was faking it really well.  Either way, I didn’t walk around all week with […]

How not to behave during a tornado

So it’s official: according to the National Weather Service, a tornado touched down in Park Slope, Brooklyn yesterday and traveled north for a couple of miles (another touched down in Queens).  It passed by us around 5:30pm.  Let’s see if we can count how many things I did wrong. Fiona and I had just gotten […]

Some Pictures of the Brooklyn Tornado

I took a walk around my Brooklyn neighborhood, Clinton Hill, a couple hours ago to see what the damage was from the (apparent) tornado that came through here this afternoon.  What I saw was amazing (in a sad way).  I’m very lucky, in that I’ll probably never see anything like this ever again, and thankfully […]

A Rice Krispies Treat follow-up

[You can read the first Rice Krispies Treat post here.] Yesterday morning, we were doing our usual get-out-the-door dance before school.  I was in harried no-nonsense mode.  I’d forgotten to have the kids gather their snacks the night before, and I was trying to go on a jog right after school drop-off, and since I […]

Stealer of childhood whimsy

Jake, being my oldest, was able to throw himself completely into Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, and to a lesser extent the Easter Bunny (for some reason kids are more willing to believe that an overweight man will squeeze down their chimneys with gifts, and that a fairy will sneak into their rooms with […]

A Rice Krispies Treat & a Message

The following post was commissioned by Kellogg’s. A couple years ago, after managing to hang on to them for most of the school year, both of my kids lost their lunchboxes within days of each other.  Since there was only a month left until summer I decided to just use brown bags for the rest […]

I don’t know what to write

I don’t know what to write about today, the ninth anniversary of the terrorist attacks.  But I feel like writing nothing and ignoring the date isn’t the right thing to do either.  So I’ll just say this: For about five awful hours nine years ago, I couldn’t get my husband on the phone.  He worked […]

Parents, stop scaring the crap out of yourselves irrationally

I’m fairly addicted to at this point (meaning I get the shakes if I go more than a day without checking in, seriously).  I found this article there. It says concisely what I’ve been babbling about on- and off-line for years. Based on surveys conducted by author (and parent of four) Christie Barnes, the […]