A Rice Krispies Treat & a Message

Rice Krispies Treats' new write-on packagingThe following post was commissioned by Kellogg’s.

A couple years ago, after managing to hang on to them for most of the school year, both of my kids lost their lunchboxes within days of each other.  Since there was only a month left until summer I decided to just use brown bags for the rest of the year.  For reasons that I probably would have understood when I was a kid, they were both a little embarrassed by this – brown bag lunches were not cool.  To make up for it, I drew little pictures on their bags each day, which they loved.

Of course we’re back to lunchboxes now, so no cute drawings.  But today, when they open them up at snacktime, they’re each going to find a little surprise: a Rice Krispies Treat, with a little note from me written on the package.  This is a cool new feature on Rice Krispies Treats, allowing parents to write a special message that will give kids a virtual hug at school.

Rice Krispies Treats' new write-on packaging - notes to my kidsI didn’t want to make mine too mushy – Jake would be especially mortified, being the ultra-cool nine-year-old that he is.  I was tempted to make a joke out of it, one that he would surely get, being the big Simpsons fan that he is: in one episode, Bart and Lisa get each other’s lunches by mistake.  They know this because Bart finds a note saying “I am very proud of you” and Lisa finds one saying “Be Good.  For the love of God, please be good.”   But there’s a time for snark and a time for sincerity, so I told them both how proud they make me.  I think they know that, I tell them enough.  But now it’s official – it’s in writing. :-)

Next time I’ll make sure to have a fine-point marker on hand.  I had to have an especially light touch with my thick Sharpie in order to make the messages legible.  But the package was very easy to write on, and after drying was un-smudgeable.  I can’t wait to hear what the kids thought when they get home!

Do you write notes to your kids?  Do they love it?

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  1. says

    I write the kids notes from time to time…. the little one loves it but the older one…. well…. let’s just say its good that no one else sees them! She is mortified by the idea that I actually love her! Oh, to be 12!

  2. jenna says

    Hahaha I’m totally going to buy my children these corn syrupy chemical connocotion because there is not a blank spot to write a note. This is ridiculous! Hope the $30 from Kelloggs’ makes up for selling your soul and your children’s health.

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