Ellen Pompeo talks diapers and charity

If all went as planned today, then by the time this posts it will almost be time for me to interview Ellen Pompeo.  Why do I get to chat with Mrs. Derek Shepherd of Grey’s Anatomy fame (as well as one of my favorite Friends flashback episodes)?  Because Ellen was just announced as the new ambassador for Huggies’ Every Little Bottom program, which raises diapers for moms in need.  It’s sad to think that while some of us are worrying about which playgroup to join or applying for elite preschools, some moms are worrying about being able to afford diapers for their babies.

Huggies is kicking off this ongoing program with a one-day diaper drive today at the Babies R Us store in Union Square here in New York City, and there will be diaper drives all over the country in the near future.  Diaper bins are set up all over the store where people can donate unopened packages of diapers – any brand, not just Huggies.  But as an added bonus, Huggies will donate a diaper for every pack of Huggies diapers or wipes that are purchased, and they’re starting off with a donation of nearly 6,500 diapers.

The diapers collected in New York City will be distributed to local moms in need through Feeding America, which is an amazing organization I’ve had the pleasure of working with before.

I’ll be posting my interview with Ellen soon!

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    Thanks for the information. I thought I’d add some more facts for your readers…

    A disposable diaper consists of an absorbent pad sandwiched between two sheets of nonwoven fabric. The pad is specially designed to absorb and retain body fluids, and the nonwoven fabric gives the diaper a comfortable shape and helps prevent leakage. These diapers are made by a multi-step process in which the absorbent pad is first vacuum-formed, then attached to a permeable top sheet and impermeable bottom sheet. The components are sealed together by application of heat or ultrasonic vibrations. Elastic fibers are attached to the sheets to gather the edges of the diaper into the proper shape so it fits snugly around a baby’s legs and crotch. When properly fitted, the disposable diaper will retain body fluids which pass through the permeable top sheet and are absorbed into the pad.

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