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I love holiday weeks – slow but busy, with lots of food

Holiday weeks are awesome.  As we get closer to the actual holiday, emails slow down.  No press events get planned.  It doesn’t mean that I work less, it just means that I get a chance to catch up a bit, finish the dozens (I’m not exaggerating) of posts that are sitting in draft mode, and […]

Disney’s Tangled: You’ll love it

My kids and I saw a sneak preview of the new movie Tangled, and I’m thrilled to say that Disney has once again produced a movie that I enjoyed as much as my kids did. The story revolves around Rapunzel and her seventy feet of magical hair. She’s spent her life trapped in a tower, being […]

Perfect black pants from Ralph Lauren

For a couple of years I’ve been looking for a perfect pair of black pants.  They should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe, like the perfect little black dress.  But I was never able to find a pair that felt good enough, or looked good enough.  The ones that are more structured wrinkle too […]

Slap your kids on an envelope and stick them in a mailbox with PictureItPostage

The following post was commissioned by PictureItPostage. I have to be honest, I hardly ever send anything through the mail anymore.  When I do, it’s usually for a special occasion – an invitation, thank you notes, an announcement, a holiday.  And those mailings would be even more special with personalized picture stamps from PictureItPostage.  You […]

Tackling oily stains with Wisk

The following post was commissioned by Wisk. For this last Wisk experiment (you can see us battling protein stains here and carbohydrate stains here), Fiona got to do one of her favorite things: put on make-up.  One of the many reasons I don’t like wearing lipstick is that I always manage to get it on […]

Win a $249 Performance Bicycle Kid’s bike!

[The comments on this post are now closed.  I’d like to congratulate Evelin on winning the bicycle, and thank Performance Bicycle for providing such a great prize.] The other day my husband took the kids out for a long bike ride, and while Fiona is still clinging to her training wheels like a non-swimmer to […]

Where milk comes from

Cheese…Yum! Earlier this month I went on a fantastic trip to California with some other bloggers, hosted by the California Milk Advisory Board.  The CMAB represents California’s dairy farms, 99% of which are family owned (the rest are owned by institutions, such as prisons or universities).  Its job is to promote California milk products through […]

Losing it on the C Train

I don’t really listen to music on the subway.  It’s enough just getting out the door with my metrocard, wallet, phone, maybe some chapstick, a book if I’ve got things especially together.  And I don’t really need to be in that bubble.  The subway noises don’t generally bother me.  Every once in a while there […]

Randomosity – Halloween, Cows, Kinect, & Disney!

Halloween Halloween in our neighborhood is HUGE.   Every candy stop is super crowded… Bands play… Scary movie scenes are recreated in open garages… People go all out with decorations… And it gets so crowded that the police shut down a couple of streets, including the one where these crazy people put on a huge […]

Public humiliation in 16 weeks

So a couple of months ago I did something brave smart ambitious stupid: I signed up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon.  That’s 13.1 miles.  I was drawn in by the promise of entertainment along the route, clean bathroom stops, and a nice shiny medal at the end.  Plus, I’d have to go to Disney […]