Randomosity – Halloween, Cows, Kinect, & Disney!


Halloween in our neighborhood is HUGE.   Every candy stop is super crowded…

Bands play…

Scary movie scenes are recreated in open garages…

People go all out with decorations…

And it gets so crowded that the police shut down a couple of streets, including the one where these crazy people put on a huge production every half hour:

This year the kids wanted to go super-simple with their costumes, which made things very easy on me.  In fact, even though I bought fangs and fake blood for my little vampiress, she refused to wear them.  It was all about the cape.  And after hunting down rubber neck bolts, latex, latex remover, a black wig, and green, white and black make-up, Frankenstein’s Monster decided that he just wanted a mask, and after tearing my hair out at three different stores one suddenly materialized, discarded at the register.  Truly a Halloween miracle.

By the way, “Tricky Dick” did not go trick-or-treating, The Ass did.  But he threw that on so that he could be in the picture. :-)

Dairy Farming

Last week I spent a couple of days in California with some fantastic people from the California Milk Advisory Board.  We toured a couple of dairy farms and ate more cheese in 48 hours than in the past few months combined.  I even got to do some impromptu milking!

Many thanks to my fellow Blogging Angel Heidi for the pic!


The new Microsoft Kinect is finally here!  My family has been testing one out for about ten days now, and it is…magic.  It hooks up to an XBox, and there are no controllers.  You simply move, and it captures your moves with great accuracy.  So far I’ve tried the Sports games (beach volleyball is awesome!), Your Shape (the Gym Games are so much fun you forget you’re exercising), and Dance Central (I can’t play that one until everyone goes to bed – I suck so bad, but it’s so much fun!).  I think this is going to be THE hottest item for Christmas.  Get one early so that you’re not racing around on December 24th trying to get the last one.

Speaking of Kinect…

When the Wii came out, it was big news that a lot of TVs were getting broken by Wii controllers flying out of players’ hands.  With no controllers, I didn’t think it was possible to wreck a TV with the Kinect.  And yet someone has. Making it even funnier is who it is: a writer for Consumerist!

Times Square Disney Store

This afternoon the kids and I went on a tour of the brand new, two-story Disney Store in Times Square, and it was quite impressive!  No matter which Disney princess your little one is into, there’s a section for her.  And Jake couldn’t stay away from the Cars and Marvel areas.  All three of us spent quite a bit of time in the Toy Story aisles. :-)

We followed the tour with a big blogger dinner down the street at Carmine’s, and then the kids rolled my cheese-stick-and-pasta filled body down the subway steps.  It was a fantastic night.

Garfunkel and Oates

I came across these pee-in-your-pants funny singers a couple weeks ago and keep going back to their site to watch their videos (apparently I’m the last one to discover them, based on their YouTube views). My two favorites?  Pregnant Women are Smug, and Why isn’t there more Fucking on this Island?  Do not play these at work or near your kids.  Even if the language isn’t an issue, the hysterical laughter might be.

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    I had a pretty good halloween only (I am in Baltimore) I went to a party and they didn’t have any alcohol. Bummer. Tell me that sort of thing doesn’t happen in Brooklyn!

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