Slap your kids on an envelope and stick them in a mailbox with PictureItPostage

The following post was commissioned by PictureItPostage.

I have to be honest, I hardly ever send anything through the mail anymore.  When I do, it’s usually for a special occasion – an invitation, thank you notes, an announcement, a holiday.  And those mailings would be even more special with personalized picture stamps from PictureItPostage.  You can put any picture you want (at least anything appropriate for sending through the mail) on a real USPS stamp.  Imagine how tickled relatives would be getting their Christmas cards from you with pictures of your kids on the stamp?  Or you could send out wedding invitations with engagement pictures on the outside of the envelopes. It doesn’t stop at personal stuff either, you could put a business logo on the stamps as well.

I was given the opportunity to try out the service in order to review it, and it was amazingly quick and easy.  From start to finish, the entire set-up and ordering process took about four minutes!  You can either do it online in a browser, or you can download software (both PC and Mac).  You upload your picture, make simple edits (zoom, center, crop, choose background color, etc.), choose which kind of postage you need, and check out!  I can’t wait for my stamps to arrive.  I chose a really cute picture of my kids, and I’m going to use my stamps to mail our Christmas cards.

If you want to try PictureItPostage for yourself, you can get a $4 discount off of your order by using the code “MOTHERHOOD” through January 31st, 2011.  Just enter it at checkout.  With stamp packages starting at just $15.95, this discount can save you a significant percentage off of your order.  Plus, everyone who orders from PictureItPostage using the discount code “MOTHERHOOD” between now and December 15th will be entered into a drawing for $500 cash!  I bet that would go a long way for holiday shopping.  You can  see the official contest rules here, as well as some suggestions on how to make your holiday mailings more special.

Check out this amazingly easy service for yourself.  You can upload pictures and preview your stamps before deciding if you want to buy or not, so you have nothing to lose.  I’ll post my stamps when they get here so you can see how they turned out.

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