Perfect black pants from Ralph Lauren

For a couple of years I’ve been looking for a perfect pair of black pants.  They should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe, like the perfect little black dress.  But I was never able to find a pair that felt good enough, or looked good enough.  The ones that are more structured wrinkle too easily and can look cheap, and the ones that flow nicely have showed all of the – ahem – lumpiness in my thighs.  What I definitely did not want to do was have to wrestle myself into some kind of girdle just to wear pants.  I hate being that high-maintenance.  And I burp uncontrollably when I wear anything that tight.

I was thrilled when I heard that Ralph Lauren would be sending me a pair of Sanderson stretch dress pants from the Lauren by Ralph Lauren line.  But I was also a little apprehensive at the thought of reviewing and possibly promoting a pair of Ralph Lauren pants, because I don’t spend a ton of money on my clothes (and it shows).  But then I found out that these pants retail for $109 (and can be purchased for less than that on sale – I found them just today on for $85).  To me that’s a completely reasonable cost for dress pants that have gotten me through many different situations in the three weeks that I’ve had them so far.  I wore them on a six-hour plane flight and they came out looking great.  I wore them to a couple of blogging events and a dinner.  I dressed them down with a white button down shirt and up with my favorite red sweater.

The thing I love the most about the is how they make me feel when I’m wearing them.  I don’t like my legs and hate the way I look in skirts and dresses, but usually feel like I’m being too casual if I wear pants.  These Sanderson pants solved that.  I can wear pants to more formal events now and still feel dressed up.  But just as important, these pants are not so expensive or delicate that I worry about them when I have them on.  If they ever decide to sell them in a cream color, I’ll buy them in a second.

If I have one little complaint about them, it’s that they’re dry clean only.  But I’ve “refreshed” them in the dryer several times now for a few minutes on the no heat setting, between cleanings, and that worked very well.  So, that really is a tiny complaint – overall I’m thrilled with these pants, and if you know me you’ll be seeing me in them a lot. :-)

I am a participant in a Mom Central campaign for Ralph Lauren and received a pair of Lauren by Ralph Lauren pants and other special offers to facilitate my review.

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    I’ve seen you in those pants, and they’re hot. I just looked ’em up and will be hunting them down next time I’m at the mall. . . which could likely be tomorrow. ;-)

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      @c2cmom: Yay! You’ll love them. I actually just sent them in for their first dry cleaning…I won’t tell you how many times I wore them first! I’ve been putting them in the dryer on no heat for a few minutes before hanging them up, works like a charm. Because they’re not really expensive pants, so I don’t want to spent too much on cleaning!

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