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Join me in Times Square for some Special K Resolutions

This coming Monday, January 3rd, I’m very excited to be participating in a special “resolutions” event in Times Square, the Special K Gain Tour.  For so many people, New Years is a time to find a renewed motivation for being healthy and losing weight, but it’s easy to get obsessed with the numbers on the scale instead of the broader picture.  For myself, I don’t really care what the number is as long as I can go clothes shopping without getting frustrated, or go for a jog without killing my knees.

Special K gets this, and that’s why they’re going to have a giant scale in Times Square on Monday, where you can step on and find out not how much you need to lose, but what you can gain: confidence, power, pride, courage, or some other inspirational attribute to help you on your weight-loss journey.

To participate, just show up at Times Square Studios, 1500 Broadway (between 43rd and 44th) on Monday, January 3rd between 2pm and 5pm. You’ll get to step on the big scale and you might even get to see your big “gain” on the big screen in Times Square!  Participants will also receive coupon books, Special K samples, and T-shirts (while supplies last, of course).  You may even wind up on the next Special K commercial!

This is especially exciting for me because I’ve been a huge Special K fan for a long time.  I have a cupboard full of their Snack Bars (Chocolate Drizzle is my favorite!) and Protein Meal Replacement bars, and just recently fell in love with the Chocolate Protein Shakes!  When I’m going to be out and about all day, or stuck at my kids’ school for an event, I really like that I can throw a bar or shake in my bag and not worry about looking for food and trying to count calories.  And of course, Special K Cereal has been a staple in my house for years.

I hope to see you Monday!  I’ll be at the event from 2-3pm. But if you’re not in the NYC area, please be sure to check out the “Gain Tour” tab on the Special K Facebook page, and

Amy is being compensated by Special K to attend the event mentioned in this post.

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