Join me in Times Square for some Special K Resolutions

Special K Gain Tour heart

This coming Monday, January 3rd, I’m very excited to be participating in a special “resolutions” event in Times Square, the Special K Gain Tour.  For so many people, New Years is a time to find a renewed motivation for being healthy and losing weight, but it’s easy to get obsessed with the numbers on the…

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Merry Christmas, and good luck

As the clock ticks down to the end of another Christmas, I wanted to say how grateful I am for everything I have.  My family is healthy and happy, my husband has a good job, and I’ve been fortunate to turn a hobby I love into a fledgling career.  I’m lucky. It makes me sad…

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Breaking spaghetti

A while back I was watching a rerun of one of my favorite shows, NUMB3RS, and Charlie mentioned that you can’t hold a strand of spaghetti at the ends and break it into less than three pieces, due to something called fragmentation.  Of course I had to try it immediately, and then spent a while…

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My interview with Blythe Danner, from “Little Fockers”


I got to sit down recently with some very talented actors.  After interviewing Little Fockers cast members Daisy Tahan, Colin Baiocchi, and Jessica Alba, I ended the day getting to meet someone who’s been making me laugh for years on everything from MASH to Will & Grace to the entire Meet the Parents franchise. Blythe…

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