Randomosity – crazy Christmas Week edition

Hear Me Warble

Every year @Neilochka collects up songs and pictures from his readers and posts them in one big “blogger concert.” Isn’t that genius?  This year I submitted at the last minute (come to think of it, I think I submitted at the last minute last year too…I sense a pattern) so I’m way down near the bottom.  If you can stand listening all the way through, I eventually sing four part harmony with myself.  Five minutes to find a free SSAA version of Silent Night online, fifteen minutes to learn the four parts, and almost ninety minutes to learn how to use my new Sony ACID Music Studio 8 sound editing program in order to record all the tracks and publish them together. Smile

Facebook Fails In Real Time

I’ve found a new site to waste time and avoid work on: Reasons to Hate.  Which honestly is a terrible title, and the site’s design is weird, but the concept is pure genius.  You can search for what people are saying very publicly on Facebook.

Some of the most entertaining searches?

My Boss: Where people just beg to get fired by posting about what complete idiots their bosses are, how much they’re going to screw around while their boss is out of the office, or even how they’re secretly in love with their boss.  Umm, not so secret any more, genius.

My Divorce: Nothing celebrates the end of a formerly loving union like ragging on your new ex – often by name – on Facebook.  Classy.  Even classier?  Bragging about who you’re sleeping with now that your divorce is final.

New Number: This might be the most entertaining search of all.  I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised at how many people have posted their new phone number on Facebook.  And I’m definitely NOT suggesting that you text these people asking them if they know what a privacy setting is.

He Doesn’t Get It…Thank Goodness

Jake told me this joke the other day: “Yo’ momma’s like a hardware store, five cents a screw.”  He then laughed uproariously with his explosive laugh, and looked at me to see if I found it as funny as he did.

I looked at him and said “Jake, do you even understand that joke?”

He said “Yeah, you give her five cents, she screws up.” OK.

Documents That Matter

My buddy over at Microsoft Office 2010, @Farkonia, sent this to me.  And maybe I’m just a big old geek, but it made me laugh out loud.


I just changed my picture on both twitter and facebook, from this one:


to this one:

CIMG0139 (1024x1024)

I had to show of the hair, which I did myself.

When I see my tweets go by now I don’t notice that they’re mine – I’d had the same picture since I started on twitter in 2008!

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  1. says

    I think this is only the second time I’ve been called a Genius.

    I’m sorry about the Sites title – I had bought the domain years ago, for different purposes than I’d ever use it for now. And since I still had it, and didn’t want to buy another domain, I figured I’d use it. :)

    Thanks for blogging about my site. I set up a little Google RSS feed to tell me whenever it pops up in new blogs.


    I’m A Super.com
    Reasons To Hate.com

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