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Having no seatmate on an airplane is like winning the lottery

I just got myself into an awkward situation with my (former) seatmate on my flight back from the Blissdom conference in Nashville. The gate agent had announced that it would be a very light flight, so I was confident that I would end up with an extra seat. This makes all the difference on a […]

I’m sharing the Kleenex softness at Blissdom

Softness Worth Sharing I have a house full of Kleenex. Someone’s always sniffling or sneezing. This winter has been especially bad, and my daughter and I are just getting over colds. I was so excited when Kleenex asked me to help spread the word at Blissdom about their “Softness Worth Sharing” campaign, because Kleenex is […]

What I bring on a trip

I’ve been traveling a lot lately. For the past two years I’ve had the pleasure of attending conferences and events all over the country. As I write this I’m on my way to Nashville to attend the #Blissdom conference. I’m having an unusually comfortable flight due to the fact that nobody is sitting next to […]

Thoughtful baby gifts from ralph Lauren

My sister Cara had a baby, Chloe, a couple of months ago, and she’s absolutely gorgeous. There’s something about buying gifts for babies that gets me all mushy, as opposed to buying wedding gifts, which makes me completely hostile. Baby gifts are sweet, and hopeful, and allowed to be cute for the sake of being […]

What can you gain this year by losing?

The following post was commissioned by Special K. I just spent three days in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show, and two more days traveling to and from. I had absolutely no intention of losing weight while traveling – there are just too many temptations on trips like this one, from fast food to […]

Make-up on a six year old: on vanity and perspective

I just sent Fiona to school with make-up on.  It was the only way she would go. Last week she had a bad fall while sledding.  For a few days she looked just awful, and hid behind me whenever we went outside.  But we were in Buffalo, and her friends aren’t there, so it wasn’t […]