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Diary of a Disney Princess Half Marathoner – part 2

It’s 5:40 and @DisneyDeborah and I are in our corral near the back. I can see on the big TV screen that the wheelchair racers are about to start. I see these guys go by each year at the NYC Marathon, and they’re amazing. Fireworks go off as each coral starts. That’s so cool. OK, […]

Disney Princess Half Marathon: DONE

Originally posted on, from Amy’s cell phone (so please excuse any weird formatting). All opinions expressed on this website come straight from Amy unless otherwise noted. This post has Compensation Levels of 7 & 8. Please visit Amy’s Full Disclosure page for more information. Amy also blogs at Filming In Brooklyn, Behind the Screen, and […]

Diary of a Disney Princess Half Marathoner – part 1

It’s 11:30 and I’m going to bed. I have all of my stuff laid out for the morning. I don’t want go risk being late. (picture 1) Woke up at 2:40am, which is pretty close to when I normally go to bed. And I slept terribly. I went to bed at 11:30, and it took […]

eBay Classifieds and my half marathon attempt

The following post is sponsored by eBay So back in September I’d heard about the Disney Princess Half Marathon on twitter. It seemed like a reasonable goal: 13.1 miles, with almost six months to train. I admit it, I get excited about things in the beginning and then my interest tapers off. But I […]

ESPN Wide World of Sports

Our press group just spent the afternoon at Disney World’s ESPN Wide World of Sports. This is not an amusement park like EPCOT or The Magic Kingdom, it’s an actual sports complex, and I’m guessing most people don’t even know that it’s there. ESPN can host 60 different sports at the facility. There’s a huge […]

I just designed my own shirt!

This is so cool! This is my first time at Downtown Disney, so I didn’t know what was here. I just designed my own tee shirt at the Hanes Design a Tee store! I’m going to wear it during the Princess Half Marathon on Sunday. I just hope the shirt doesn’t jinx me! Originally posted […]

So this is what Disney does to me

I checked in a little while ago at Disney’s Polynesian resort, after one of the worst flights in memory. If there was ever a situation where a person should spend money on first class tickets, it’s when traveling to Orlando without kids. Most of the plane was headed for Disney World. I was surrounded by […]

Why are airlines allowed to screw us around like this?

The fact that I got to the airport at 10:20 for an 11:30 flight is completely my fault. Somehow, when I checked in online and printed out my boarding pass yesterday, I made a mental note that the flight left at 12:30 from LaGuardia. The fact that it actually leaves as 11:30 from JFK is […]

If they can put a man on the moon…

…why can’t they invent a better way to hook up audio/visual equipment than lying on the floor, squeezing your arm around to the back of the receiver/DVD player/DVR because the cords are too short to pull them out of the shelf and make the connections? I mean really, when will every part of this be […]

OMG that’s an insane level of cute!

Yes, I hate the stray cats that have taken over my backyard. The ones that poop on the grass and pee against our door and wake us up in the middle of the night with their cat symphony concerts. The ones that taunt my cat from the other side of the window. But they’re still […]