Thin Mint Cookies – my attempt to make them at home

I LOVE thin mints. When I was growing up, Girl Scout cookies seemed to be everywhere. A bunch of my friends sold them at school, there were Girl Scout troops hanging out in front of every grocery store for weeks, and random kids peddled them door-to-door. You read that right, back in the olden days kids were allowed to go around alone selling cookies, even though there were a couple of high-profile murders in the early 70s of young girls out selling cookies (how did we know what to panic about before Nancy Grace and the internet?).

(I did not intend to talk about murdered kids in this post, not sure how that got in there! Back to the homemade cookies.)

But now, here in Brooklyn? Nobody ever tries to sell me Girl Scout cookies! The last time I tried to buy some I gave the girls enough money for four boxes, and never heard from them again. It was in a church, so I thought they could be trusted. I think I was scammed by a couple of pint-sized grifters.

My mom usually buys some, so if I visit her in Buffalo at the right time I get to have my beloved Thin Mints. But I don’t want to depend on well-timed road trips for their crispy, chocolaty goodness. I want them when I want them.

I currently have two different recipes for Thin Mints resting overnight, one in the fridge and one in the freezer. Tomorrow I will bake them up, dip them in chocolate, and do a taste test. Yes, I know, it’s a rough job. But I will sacrifice for you. I like you just that much.

Thin Mints recipe #1

The first recipe was listed on one of my favorite sites, The Consumerist. It’s worth noting, however, that the site they link to – Seattle Weekly – blatantly states that it found a bunch of Girl Scout recipes on the internet, and then gives neither credit nor links to any of those sites, it just reposts the recipes! Not cool, Seattle Weekly, not cool.

Thin Mints (3)Thin Mints (4)Thin Mints (5)Thin Mints (6)Thin Mints (7)Thin Mints (8)

Thin Mints recipe #2

Then I searched around for other recipes claiming to be “the one” and found this Thin Mints recipe. Its ingredients and instructions are significantly different from the first recipe, so I thought this would be another good one to test. Besides having a lot more flour than the first recipe, it also adds corn starch, milk, and vanilla. Instead of letting it rest in the fridge and rolling it out like the first one, this one rests in the freezer in a log shape and the cookies are sliced off of the log.

Thin Mints (9)Thin Mints (10)Thin Mints (12)Thin Mints (11)Thin Mints (13)Thin Mints (14)

Can’t wait to report back with the results!

Next up: baking the cookies.

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  1. says

    Oh…thin mints….I want some thin mints…

    Maybe I’ll have to bake some today. The boys would love love love that…

    But if I bake them, then I’ll want to eat them.

    Decisions, decisions.

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