If they can put a man on the moon…

Back of my receiver

…why can’t they invent a better way to hook up audio/visual equipment than lying on the floor, squeezing your arm around to the back of the receiver/DVD player/DVR because the cords are too short to pull them out of the shelf and make the connections? I mean really, when will every part of this be wireless?

So yesterday, the cable guy connected everything up, but my new TV shelf came today. Great timing, right? And if you checked in on my twitter account at all in the past seven or eight hours or so you would know that I spent a ridiculous amount of time putting it together. I’ve put together a ton of furniture, including beds, desks, and too many IKEA shelves to count. This was definitely the most difficult. Or maybe I was just off my game. Either way, it took much longer than it should have. Even with Selma helping.
My cat Selma checks out the new shelf

I promised on twitter that I would post pictures when it was finally done. So here you go! Isn’t it beautiful? It might’ve been the quickest furniture decision The Ass and I have ever made. I narrowed it down online to a dozen or so that fit into the space, and then we ended up choosing this one because it has sliding doors, and part of it would be blocked by the couch – those doors would be much easier to negotiate in a tight space.

My new Plateau Entertainment Shelf

Aside from the absolutely awful directions, I love it. Very modern and sleek. Unfortunately, I predict that I will have the top covered in crap within 24 hours.

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  1. Tonja says

    I’m still messing with cords and converters to get the Wii hooked up without a wire coming down the wall by the TV. Urgh!

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