eBay Classifieds and my half marathon attempt

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So back in September I’d heard about the Disney Princess Half Marathon on twitter. It seemed like a reasonable goal: 13.1 miles, with almost six months to train. I admit it, I get excited about things in the beginning and then my interest tapers off. But I had run a four mile race on Mothers Day, and I was motivated to do this! I started jogging two or three times a week and by November had worked myself up to a slow six miles. I was really proud of myself, and things looked really good for the race in February.

There was just one factor I hadn’t taken into consideration:  it would get cold. Duh. I mean, I just didn’t think about it! I don’t like gyms, so I’d been doing all of my jogging outside. Once it got cold, I just stopped. After a little while I decided that the only way I’d be able to train consistently would be if I got a treadmill. If I’d just done it right away I’d be in really good shape right now. But I procrastinated. It was really stupid.

I’m an eBay Classifieds ambassador, so it was a natural place for me to start looking. Once I finally did, I had a treadmill in my house within forty-eight hours! There were a lot of them for sale in really great shape that were ideal for walking, but I needed a heavy-duty one for jogging. I found one in Connecticut and my neighbor drove me up there in his truck to take a look. It was perfect: made by True, a really great treadmill company, it had been lightly used over the years and was in fantastic condition. This was much closer to something that you’d find in a gym than the ones you see for sale on TV.

The new eBayClassifieds True treadmill

I wanted to leave it in the front entryway. My husband had a problem with this.

Getting it down our basement stairs was not easy. We had to take it apart, and even then it weighed a ton. But we got it down there, and I was able to get some training in for the last few weeks before the race. After a while I got tired of watching TV on my laptop while jogging – it was hard to see and even harder to hear. I jumped back on eBayClassifieds, and found the perfect TV: a 27″ Sharp Aquos HDTV, in perfect condition, being sold for half what a new one would cost (the owner had upgraded to a bigger set). I called the seller and picked it up that night!

The new TV I bought on eBayClassifieds

I need to be distracted while I exercise. A Daily Show and a Colbert Report and I'm done!

My original goal with this race was to really run it. But my winter non-training routine put an end to that. So, my only goal for tomorrow is to finish the race without getting picked up by the sweeper bus, to make it 13.1 miles and get that gorgeous princess medal at the end. And then the clock starts on next year. I will have a year to get ready, with no excuses: the treadmill is in my basement, with a big TV! My next purchase on eBay Classifieds, as soon as I get back, will be a big fan so that I won’t come up with another excuse not to exercise once the summer comes. And come next February, I plan on kicking this race’s butt.

EBay Classifieds is such an easy site to navigate. The look is clean, the pictures are prominent, and there are many different ways to search. It’s become my go-to site not just for used items, but I also found an amazing AV installation company there to come out and hang a couple of TVs for us. Whenever I look for something on the site I don’t have to sift through a bunch of irrelevant or out-of-date listings, and I get the piece of mind of knowing that they don’t allow any “shady” categories.

My goal for the spring is to really clean house, getting rid of a lot of stuff that’s been taking up space, and anything worth selling will be listed on eBay Classifieds!

But first, I have to get through tomorrow’s race. I actually have to get up in less than four hours to make it to my race bus on time at 3:45am (insane, I know). I’m really looking forward to the race, and I mean that. I only wish I’d gone to eBay Classifieds and gotten my training back on track a few months ago.

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    Good luck good luck good luck. (but don’t break a leg)
    The Angels are all proud of you for even getting this far. The rest of us are just sitting here typing about it!

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