ESPN Wide World of Sports

Our press group just spent the afternoon at Disney World’s ESPN Wide World of Sports. This is not an amusement park like EPCOT or The Magic Kingdom, it’s an actual sports complex, and I’m guessing most people don’t even know that it’s there.

ESPN can host 60 different sports at the facility. There’s a huge cheerleading competition going on there right now (picture 2). They host 300 sporting events every year, including more than a dozen Atlanta Braves home games (picture 3).

I spent about an hour shopping at the race expo (picture 4). Basically, you could show up the day before the race and buy everything you needed to run, from sports bras to sneakers to race-related tee shirts. I bought a new Champion sports bra – the exact same one I was going to wear tomorrow, but now it won’t be threadbare. I also bought a runner’s version of a fanny pack to hold my phone (race tweeting!) and the gross looking goo everyone convinced me I’m going to need to eat during the race.

We were completely and totally spoiled by a private visit from Minnie Mouse, all dressed up in her workout gear! (picture 5, with DisneyDeborah)

The best part was that our little press group got personalized race advice from Jeff Galloway! His advice for me: Walk the first five miles. Then, see if you can switch to running for fifteen seconds each minute. For the last three miles, see if you can run for half of each minute. That makes so much sense, and left to my own devices, that’s probably the opposite of what I would have done: I would’ve run the first few miles then collapsed from exhaustion. So I’m very glad to get this last-minute advice.

We ended the day with a fabulous dinner at Mama Melrose in Hollywood Studios. I take my training seriously: I’ve been carbo loading for months.

We’re on our bus back to our hotel, and it’s a little disconcerting to know that I’ll be getting on the race bus in less than seven hours. I’ve never been so scared of oversleeping in my life!

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    i see the globe that remind me when i took the pics with my friends at singapore universal studios. I am wondering when I can go to Disney World like the pics above :(

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