Diary of a Disney Princess Half Marathoner – part 2

ready to go!

bouncing men in spandex

running through the Magic Kingdom

finish line!

my medal!

It’s 5:40 and @DisneyDeborah and I are in our corral near the back. I can see on the big TV screen that the wheelchair racers are about to start. I see these guys go by each year at the NYC Marathon, and they’re amazing.

Fireworks go off as each coral starts. That’s so cool.

OK, it’s 6am and our corral is next! Here we go! (picture 1)

This is crazy, there are photo ops all along the route with Disney characters. I can’t wait in line for a picture, the sweeper bus will come pick me up! Although I did stop to take a picture of the bouncing men in spandex. (picture 2) That was pretty awesome. This is definitely a race for women.

We’re running a little, then walking, then running. We can keep this up for 13.1 miles.

There are a lot of volunteers out here cheering us on, and people taking pictures from the monorail.

Running through the Magic Kingdom now! (picture 3)

Just passed about forty runners. They were waiting in line for the port-a-potties, but still, I’m ahead of them.

Mile nine can kiss my ass. It’s getting a lot harder now. Not much jogging going on at all.

I feel a little better after sitting down for twenty seconds. I was peeing, but sitting is sitting. It was refreshing. (No picture. You’re welcome.)

Home stretch. Pretty impossible to jog now, it’s a bottleneck of walkers. I’m going to get the lead out for the last stretch though.

Finish line. (picture 4)

Medal. (picture 5)

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    Catching up now, for some reason I can’t open your blog at my job. Must be our firewall. Thank goodness I can always read it at home.

    Congratulations! I’m a new runner…I would love to someday run at Disney World!

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