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Yeah, I’m judging this mom

Anyone who says that you shouldn’t judge other parents’ choices is probably referring to a difference of opinion about breastfeeding, or circumcision, or public vs. private school, or any number of topics where parents often disagree. Then you travel down that slippery slope of “I can’t believe they do this, but it’s a free country” […]

Kate Middleton is a fruitcake

I almost wasn’t going to write this, because apparently there’s a rabid group of cake defenders trolling the internet looking for bloggers to beat up on. (Many thanks to Mom101 for pointing me toward one of the most entertaining comment strings ever.) Or perhaps they were all Food Network cake design show lovers, in which […]

Cat 1, Humans 0

I was walking up the stairs this morning when I almost stepped in cat puke. My feet panicked, and I fell against the stairs with both arms, giving me two beautiful bruises. I couldn’t use my hands, because there was a cell phone in one and a Diet Dr Pepper in the other (I’m just […]

The goofy kid trio from Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules

I’ve never really had a desire to direct anything – way too much work and responsibility. But if I ever do end up directing something, I really hope there are no kids in it, because I can’t imagine anything more difficult than casting children. Every time the right kid is matched with the right role, […]

Jeff Kinney makes me the Best Mom in the Universe

I was on a panel not long ago with my friend Katja Presnal, and she commented on how even though making a living is the goal of many mom bloggers, sometimes the experiences we have are worth much more than money. And when our kids are involved in those experiences, they’re just priceless. I was […]

Randomosity, garlic breath style

I’m writing this with possibly the worst garlic breath I’ve had in a while, but it was totally worth it. I got a very nice shout-out on a post about a Hidden Valley Ranch event my friend Nicole and I both attended a little while back, and included in her post was a simple and […]

Mashed cauliflower & muesli–but not together!

When I travel I tend to not worry at all about how I eat. That’s not to say I necessarily eat worse than I do at home, it’s just that I’m not thinking about healthy eating at all. I order what I want, since I enjoy it so much when other people are making food […]

If you don’t have the bra, don’t buy the shirt

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A stylist yesterday, a doctor the day before that, a house builder today…until the earthquake hits

For the longest time, Fiona wanted to be a stylist when she grew up. I think it started about a year ago: she suggested that I pair some green earrings with my dress, I said “Great choice, Fiona, you should be a stylist!” and she decided right then and there that she was going to […]

Hi, you’ve reached the wrong number. Dumbass.

So I’ve had the same phone number for…five years? Six? I don’t remember. When I first got it and started getting calls for a certain business – we’ll call it Brooklyn Designs – I figured that Brooklyn Designs had had the number before me, and that the wrong number calls would taper off as their […]