Yeah, I’m judging this mom

Anyone who says that you shouldn’t judge other parents’ choices is probably referring to a difference of opinion about breastfeeding, or circumcision, or public vs. private school, or any number of topics where parents often disagree. Then you travel down that slippery slope of “I can’t believe they do this, but it’s a free country”…

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Kate Middleton is a fruitcake


I almost wasn’t going to write this, because apparently there’s a rabid group of cake defenders trolling the internet looking for bloggers to beat up on. (Many thanks to Mom101 for pointing me toward one of the most entertaining comment strings ever.) Or perhaps they were all Food Network cake design show lovers, in which…

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Cat 1, Humans 0


I was walking up the stairs this morning when I almost stepped in cat puke. My feet panicked, and I fell against the stairs with both arms, giving me two beautiful bruises. I couldn’t use my hands, because there was a cell phone in one and a Diet Dr Pepper in the other (I’m just…

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