Randomosity, garlic breath style

I’m writing this with possibly the worst garlic breath I’ve had in a while, but it was totally worth it. I got a very nice shout-out on a post about a Hidden Valley Ranch event my friend Nicole and I both attended a little while back, and included in her post was a simple and fantastic-looking recipe for Ranched-Up Hummus Dip (and check out the picture of Fiona up on the counter with Hidden Valley Ranch celebrity spokesmom Angie Harmon!). Since I had all of the ingredients I made some, and since I love garlic I doubled it to two cloves. And wowee was that a lot of garlic in one little recipe. Next time I’m going to use one clove like the recipe said!

Ranch Hummus Dip (1)Ranch Hummus Dip (2)

And I will definitely make this recipe again. It took literally five minutes start to finish. I could whip this up for a surprise guest, put out some pita bread, and look really impressive. I only had a few spoonsful because I had just eaten some more of the delicious Cauliflower-Potato Mash I made yesterday – that one is going into my permanent rotation of recipes. The rest of the dip will be eaten throughout the afternoon with pita wedges, baby carrots, grape tomatoes, and blanched green beans, followed by half a bottle of mouthwash before tonight’s PTA meeting.

It felt like a “grazing day” when I woke up so it was pure serendipity that I came across this recipe today!


I’ve had this video open in a tab on my computer for weeks, just because every few days or so when I need a laugh I watch it again. I’m not sure what my fascination is. I guess because Darth Vader doing anything other than being menacing is automatically funny (search “Darth Vader funny videos” sometime), and Can’t Touch This was just awesome. Put them together? Comedy gold.


I have no idea if this story is real and the video authentic. If it is, it’s just delicious: guy steals laptop and takes it home, records himself dancing, and laptop owner is able to access the files remotely. He posts dancing video on YouTube, causing thief to beg him to take the video down.

And if it isn’t real, well then, it was a genius attempt at a viral video and still very funny. Thanks very much to my friend (and fellow Blogging Angel) Rebecca for tweeting the link!


I love pretty much everything Aaron Traister writes in Redbook. This collection of the 18 most annoying male habits, explained may actually be a public service though, heading off a couple of fights between me and my husband. And it’s hilarious.


I wrote a post last week about my daughter’s fatalistic attitude towards her future in light of the recent earthquake/tsunami tragedy in Japan. A commenter very helpfully put this link in the comments about how to talk to children after a tragedy, and I’m finding it really useful and realistic. So thanks very much to Tracy for the link!


I gave some laptop buying advice to my friend Nikki a while back and she found it useful enough to turn it into a post! Hopefully you’ll find it useful too.


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    Wow, this post is chock full o’ good things. Two delicious recipes and two hilarious videos and copious links to helpful articles! Looks like I’m going to be late for preschool pickup…again. I have to go read the 18 Annoying Male Habits before huz gets home.

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