Cat 1, Humans 0

cat puke on stairs with arrows

I was walking up the stairs this morning when I almost stepped in cat puke. My feet panicked, and I fell against the stairs with both arms, giving me two beautiful bruises. I couldn’t use my hands, because there was a cell phone in one and a Diet Dr Pepper in the other (I’m just glad I wasn’t carrying a laptop). The Diet Dr Pepper spilled all over the stairs.

To make it worse, when I went back to clean it up I discovered that the cat puke had been stepped in. And not by me, my socks were clean. I emailed my husband and told him to check his socks, but he was clean too. So one of my children is in school with a sock full of cat puke, which is now squishing around inside a shoe.

This is why I hate my cat.

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    Argh I hate that! My cat threw up today too! WTF?? I hate that and yup, I told him I hated him too. LOL Oh and he only does that when he eats dog food. Dumbass cat!

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