Organization part 1: purses everywhere

This past weekend I stopped into The Container Store for their Spring Organization Sale with the goal of organizing two specific things: my purses and my shoes. I tackled the purses first.

I have several bags that I use regularly. I switch almost daily depending on where I’m going and how much I need to cart with me. Then there are those times when I actually want to match my purse to my outfit (rare). I’ve been trying to get my hands on the perfect IKEA purse shelf for months now (shelf on top, hooks on the bottom, matches our IKEA coat hooks) but it’s always out of stock . Frankly I’m beginning to think that they no longer make it but that it’s easier for them to string me along than to take down the display.

Anyway, the result of this shelflessness has been purses everywhere. Some I pile on our entryway shelf (which is already covered in backpacks, umbrellas, Frisbees, gum, sidewalk chalk, and whatever else we dump as soon as we walk in), some I hang on the coat hooks, and some I store in my clothes closet and can never find when I need them. I’m still holding out hope that I can get my hands on the IKEA one, but until that glorious day I needed something temporary. Ideally this stopgap measure would be cheap, easy to install and remove, and reusable. I found it about ten seconds after walking into the store.

Each of these genius hangers were $14.99, and there are several fabrics available. They each come with a door hook, which is probably how I’ll use them when I no longer need them downstairs: hooked over my clothes closet door. I bought some heavy-duty picture hangers to go with them (pack of two, $5; each holds fifty pounds) and had them hanging in literally two minutes.

The snaps are amazingly strong. I’ve got a very heavy backpack hanging right now with no problem. They could also be used for hats, umbrellas, lots of things. But so far I’ve only hung the purses I found in the front hallway, so I doubt I’ll have room for anything else once I gather the rest.

Definitely a great find.

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  1. says

    Great idea. I am a purse-a-holic. I will always choose buying a new purse over shoes, clothes, or jewelry. Of course, now I have so many they are piled on my closet floor – I think I need some purse hangers.

    • says

      @Carolyn (temysmom): You totally need these. They were easy enough with a big picture hanger, but if you’re using them over a door even easier! I wish they made one that looked more kitcheny, I have a ton of stuff I’d love to hang in there!

  2. Elissa says

    The Container Store? A very very dangerous place…I always think: “I could this box to organize THAT…” Or, I never thought I would need to organize my necklaces…but now I do!”

    Seriously, though? If you do come across some good jewelry organizers (not the kind for drawers) for earrings and necklaces…I’d love to see some ideas…

    • says

      @Elissa: Oh, jewelry is totally on the list, after I’m done with the shoes. I have a whole “dressing room” that I’m not using because it’s piled with crap I need to get rid of, and buried under the crap is a great art deco dressing table, and I want to organize my jewelry there. I already have a great necklace hanger I found for like $10 in a junk shop. It’s in there, under the crap…

  3. Jane says

    Omg! The Container Store, you’re right. I always end up buying things which I think I need and spending way too much!

    • says

      @Jane: The Container Store totally feeds my need to have my kitchen uber-organized. The rest of the house is usually a disaster, but I never care as long as my spices are alphabetized on their three-tier shelves. It’s a sickness, really.

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