I surrender

…to my carboholic son.

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    1 — it’s got protein (saw those cheese slices slipped in there) 2 – it’s symmetrical, ie four slices; this counts as a balanced meal. 3 — it didn’t come out of a brightly colored wrapper 4 — it was toasted (which counts as cooking, in my book), 5 — this is what childhood is for. In other words, you’re a fantastic mom and he’s lucky to have you! (so okay, maybe you could’ve insisted on it at least being wheat bread… but hey, I grew up on white bread and look how I turned out… Or better yet, don’t.)

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    My oldest is a carboholic too – huge one. It worries me, but I agree with the fact that “it’s part of childhood.” I eventually gave up eating only carbs – they will too. I hope, hope, hope!

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    Is it bad that I just had a grilled cheese sandwich last night with my daughter? Carbs are my best friend, but worst enemy. But whyyyyy are they soooo good to eat?! You put pasta, a blueberry muffin, and mashed potatoes in front of my face, and I’m a happy camper. :)

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      @Rug Appraisal Los Angeles: Of course not! Carbs are awesome. We won’t even get into how awesome because then I’ll run to the fridge and I’m not even hungry. I just wish he would eat something other than carbs once in a while…My husband says he’s copying me, but the difference is I also eat a lot of vegetables.

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